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AIR Wro Talks 3.0: we know the programme of the conference!

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

AIR Wro Talks consists of a series of meetings organised since 2015 in Wrocław for experts and practitioners active in the field of culture, art and research, as well as in the creative sector, who carry out projects at the international level. During this year's edition, together with them, we will take up the subject of collaboration, networks and platforms created by cultural operators in selected geographical areas to determine the levels of joint activities in the future.

AIR Wro Talks 3.0 / 15-16.03.2018 / Barbara, Świdnicka 8B, Wrocław

international collaboration : network : mobility


Networks created by cultural operators of different profiles – GLAM and other institutions that create, support and promote culture in the country and abroad, non-governmental organisations and grassroots initiatives, often run by artists or curators – will be the starting point for talks on the forms of collaboration which, through culture, influence the shaping of civic attitudes or try to answer current problems. We believe that the exchange of experiences and knowledge is still the main source of our development as creators of culture, which, above all, allows us to build a community of professionals who can react to global dynamic changes through collaboration. We consider the relations between creative communities in major cultural centres in Europe as an important inspiration for our future activities (the example of Berlin and Wrocław, which, thanks to the energy of the European Capital of Culture, have significantly developed the collaborative platform), and the ECoC context remains crucial for us when choosing directions for the development of international relations (here, we are taking a closer look at the Balkans due to the increasing number of the cities in the region holding this title). The AIR Wro Talks programme will consist of study visits, discussions and meetings with experts, debates and presentations, as well as accompanying events that will enable us to get to know each other better and network.


[all of the panel discussion are held in English with a translation into Polish]

15.03.2018 / Barbara, Świdnicka 8B

13:30-14:00 / Opening of AIR Wro Talks 3.0

14:00-15:00 / European Media Art Platform & European Media Artists in Residence Exchange / presentation

15:00-16:30 / lunch break

16:30-16:45 / introduction to the first day of discussion panels

16:45-18:15 / The International Cities of Refuge Network ICORN – cities for the authors or authors for the cities? / panel

18:15-19:45 / How do networks and platforms influence the development of international cultural collaboration? / panel

16.03.2018 / Barbara, Świdnicka 8B

13:15-13:30 / introduction to the second day of discussion panels

13:30-15:00 / Building a civil society through culture / panel

15:00-16:30 / lunch break

16:30-18:00 / Balkans – a new direction for European culture? / panel

18:00-19:30 / Wrocław – Berlin Platform for creative sectors / panel

Admission to all panels within the conference is free but it requires online registration.




16.03.2018, 21:00 / Klub Proza, Przejście Garncarskie 2

Burkhard Beins & Marta Zapparoli / concert

The concert, accompanying the next meeting in the AIR Wro Talks series, presents a summary of Berlin residency of Paweł Szroniak’s, in the course of which the Wrocław-based curator followed the most important actors dealing with experimental music (i.a. Errant Bodies, Labor Sonor, Quiet Cue, Ausland), attempting to define the mechanisms that influence the shaping of a so-called “music scene” – particularly non-hierarchical communities situated at the margins of official culture. The admission is free.

Partners of the conference:

Wrocław Literature House

The International Cities of Refuge Network ICORN

Miasto Wrocław

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