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AIR Wro Talks 4.0: What Does Brexit Tell us About the European Community?

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

One of the discussions during AIR Wro Talks 4.0 falls exactly on the planned date of "Brexit". On 29 March in Barbara we will talk about the importance of this event for Europe and the world and the impact it may have on international cooperation in the field of culture.

Since the announcement of the results of the referendum, in which the majority of British people voted to leave the European Union, this subject has been constantly discussed in the media, in private conversations and in the academic community. During the AIR Wro Talks conference, which will take place on the planned date of the so-called “Brexit”, the main pages of all newspapers will be devoted to it. It gives rise to fear and uncertainty, but it is also a source of joy and relief for some. Is this a unique phenomenon, or rather a trend? Will it be a precedent?

On 29 March, we invite you to Barbara for a discussion panel, which will be hosted by dr. Monika Sus from Hertie School of Governance. The discussion will be attended by Julie Ward, a Labour Member of the European Parliament, a member of the Committee on Culture and Education, Women’s Rights and Gender Equality and Regional Development, and Paul Hobson, Director of Modern Art Oxford, one of the most influential contemporary art organisations in the UK. Barbara will also host Ivor Davies, an independent advisor and researcher of cultural policies, as well as Chris Baldwin, a director of productions and shows well known to the citizens of Wrocław, and one of the curators of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016.

Admission is free, the number of places is limited. Online registration at www.airwrotalks.conrego.com

16:00-17:30 | What Does Brexit Tell us About the European Community? | panel discussion

moderator: dr. Monika Sus – Hertie School of Governance

panelists: Chris Baldwin, Ivor Davies, Paul Hobson, Julie Ward


The panel is a part of the international conference AIR Wro Talks 4.0, which is addressed to experts and practitioners active in the field of culture, who are interested in current cultural and social phenomena. The leitmotif of this year’s edition is “boundaries”. Their various meanings during discussion panels, lectures and workshops will be discussed by outstanding guests – representatives of Polish and European cultural organizations and institutions.

Full programme: www.airwrotalks.conrego.com

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