8.03.2019 Friday

AIR Wro Talks 4.0: let’s talk about support for international projects

Do you associate Visegrad primarily with the castle and lecsó, and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with the national epic? A special panel planned for 29 March will help to reverse it - on Friday morning we will learn about the possibilities of cooperation with institutions and organizations operating at the international level.

As part of the AIR Wro Talks 4.0 conference, we invite you to a meeting with representatives of the Goethe-Institut, the Visegrad Fund, Creative Europe Desk Poland and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, where we will learn about the possibilities of obtaining financial support for projects implemented abroad or those created in cooperation with foreign partners.

On March 29th in Barbara we will meet people involved in international cooperation in culture on a daily basis. We will talk to Ewa Kornacka, coordinator of the Creative Europe Desk Poland EU Creative Europe Programme, and Paulina Woźniak, project manager at the Visegrad Fund in Bratislava. Eva Blaute, i-Portunes project manager, a mobility programme implemented by the Goethe-Institute and its partners, and Olgierd Zbychorski, coordinator of the Kultura Polska na Świecie programme at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, will also present their activities.

Admission to the presentations is free, online registration is required. The form is available at www.airwrotalks.conrego.com


The presentation panel is a part of the international conference AIR Wro Talks 4.0, which is addressed to experts and practitioners active in the field of culture, who are interested in current cultural and social phenomena. The leitmotif of this year’s edition is “boundaries”. Their various meanings during discussion panels, lectures and workshops will be discussed by outstanding guests – representatives of Polish and European cultural organizations and institutions.

29.03 | 11:30-12:30 | Support Opportunities for International Projects: Visegrad Fund, Creative Europe, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute: Visegrad Fund, Goethe-Institut, Creative Europe Desk Poland, Creative Europe, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Presentations conducted by Paulina Woźniak – Visegrad Fund, Eva Blaute – Goethe-Institut, Ewa Kornacka – Creative Europe Desk Poland, Olgierd Zbychorski – Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Programme of the conference and registration link: www.airwrotalks.conrego.com

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