25.03.2019 Monday

AIR Wro Talks 4.0: opening lecture by prof. Klaus Bachmann

In just three days the fourth edition of AIR Wro Talks will begin! On 28 March in Barbara at 14:30 the conference will be inaugurated by prof. Klaus Bachmann, who dedicates his lecture to the subject of migration.

In the years to come, will the phenomenon of migration be intensified or weakened? How to react to them?

What is and what is not a multicultural society? What are the problems and challenges associated with it? Can migration be controlled? How does this change or influence our identity and what is identity in this context at all? Why do we need borders, although there are fewer and fewer of them?

The lecture was prepared by prof. Klaus Bachmann – professor of social sciences at the Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities; in 1988-2001 a foreign correspondent in Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania, and later also in Brussels. He deals with transit justice, international criminal law and German colonialism. He has also worked at the Universities of Stellenbosch (South Africa), Bordeaux, Johns Hopkins University, Renmin (Beijing) and the University of Vienna.

Registration for the conference has been completed. If you want to come to the lecture without registering, we would like to inform you that the number of seats is limited and priority of entry will be registered.

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