1.04.2021 Thursday

April issue of the “Guide” is available!

Recently, the words “at the time of writing this” have become quite popular on the pages of the “Guide”. Unfortunately, we have to repeat it once again – at the time of writing this, cultural institutions remain closed until 9 April… and we do not know what is going to happen next.

A year ago, the April issue was not released amid lockdown and widespread fear. This time around, we are set to deliver magazine to you – however, after new restrictions were announced in the second half of March, we had to change it significantly. The calendar of events features descriptions of events that will take place – but online.

And if you feel lost, you can always count on us. We have done some thorough research for you – the crew of the “Guide” listened to podcasts created in Wrocław to hear what people talk about on the virtual airwaves over the Oder. We knew that we live in a golden age of podcasting, but we had no idea there were so many of them made here. You can also listen to some pleasant sounds by our local musicians – check out the “Listen in April” column to learn more.

If you get tired of everything online, a trip can be a perfect remedy for that – you can join Szymon Maraszewski on his journey around Huby district, as he is going to explore it this year with the crew of the Neighbouring programme. You can also venture to Szczepin, where thanks to “Mysterious Wrocław” you can compare Słubicka Street 100 years ago and now. From there, you are only a couple of minutes away from Dolmed – do not forget to read what Joanna Plizga has to say about the history of the building, as she creatively reconstructs the gems of local architecture in her “Black Wrocław” series. While in Nadodrze district, make sure to pay a visit to the Drukarnia on Otwarta Street, as some amazing things are happening there. Such as the Storygeddon – you can read more about it in our interview with its host, Maciej Zarański.

In the meantime, we wish you patience in April. And – as always – stay healthy!

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