1.02.2021 Monday

Articles from February issue of the “Guide” are available!

First digital edition of the “Wrocław Cultural Guide” this year. 

Cover of February issue

When the new year started, we were hopeful, but – at the moment we are writing these words – it seems that we will not be able to go to a theatre to see a live action play, see a film in the cinema, take part in workshops and attend a meeting with author or a live concert in February.

This, however, did not prevent us from doing interesting interviews with the employees of the Museum of Post and Telecommunication to celebrate its 100th anniversary, as well as with Arkadiusz Kątny on his musical project Wrofonia… We also have interesting articles, columns, cultural recommendations from theatre actors – Agnieszka Charkot and Łukasz Wójcik, new publications, excerpts from Radosław Młynarczyk’s book Hłasko. The Prince of the Proletariat, a walk in the footsteps of Tadeusz Różewicz in cooperation with Pan Tadeusz Museum, a journey into the past with the author of the Tajemniczy Wrocław blog and riddles – with prizes, of course.

Stay tuned – in the March issue, we will bring back the calendar of events, and we are working on some new things as well! In the meantime, we wish everybody that the applauselessness – as some refer to the current situation in the field of culture – ends as soon as possible, and that the good practices of remote culture developed last year stay with us, complementing offline activities.

You can download February issue of “Wrocław Cultural Guide” HERE.

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