4.11.2020 Wednesday

Articles from November issue of the “Guide” are available!

They say that reading is the best way to make it through November. Christian Girls Autumn [pl. jesieniary  – Youth Word of the Year 2019], who enjoy autumn on par with reading a book while wrapped in a blanket and sipping tea, only partially agree with that notion.

No matter your preferred time of year, we are presenting You the journalistic part from November issue of the “Guide”, where You will find everything, that a cultured resident of our city should know.

Why? Well, one of the main goals of the “Cultural Guide” is to provide you with reliable information concerning cultural events that take place across Wrocław. As you may imagine, the material for each issue is prepared a month in advance. In the current situation it is difficult to plan a week ahead. Making plans a month in advance is even harder. That is why we’ve decided to move the calendar to the online version of the magazine, where it can be updated on the fly.

Following the recent government announcements regarding the closure of cultural institutions, we are holding back the publication of the calendar until its content is fully updated.

Meanwhile feel free to read the articles from November issue of “Cultural Guide”, as there’s plenty of interesting material. That includes discussions with organisers of worthy initiatives ­– artistic directors of the New Horizons festival, American Film Festival, and the Wrocław Pantomime Theatre. A member of the Good View project team has prepared a guide to good realisations of shop windows in public space. We also present interesting albums and books – in the “Long story short” column you can read excerpts of There are no women like that book by Violetta Nowakowska. It’s good to go for a walk every once in a while. So we have prepared – as we do in every issue – a guide to Popowice, interesting details about Wrocław necropoli, and the activities at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. On the other hand the author of the Mysterious Wrocław blog is recommending a trip to the Zwierzyckiego Boulevard. And there’s more.

We hope you’ll remain in good spirits this November!

You can download November issue of “Wrocław Cultural Guide” HERE

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