5.10.2020 Monday

Artist talk with residents of AIR Modernism

The participants of the AIR Modernism residency project have been tidying up their modernist notes for several days now. The beginning of October is the halfway point of their monthly research activities, which will be publicly summarized next week, on Wednesday October 14th in Fandom!

fot. Diana Felber

fot. Katarzyna Zielińska

It is worth to mention that the residence focuses primarily on the search process, which is why the third week of the project will be devoted to individual exploration of selected research topics. An important complement will be an expert program prepared by Joanna Majczyk, a PhD student at the Wrocław University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture and a visit to the iconic Igloo house invented by architect Witold Lipiński. Since mid-September the participants have visited the most important modernist points on the map of Wroclaw, they work with city maps from different years and despite pandemic difficulties, they participate in city walks, cinema screenings as part of the MIASTOmovie festival or events organized by local institutions. We encourage you to pay attention to how they use the information collected for several weeks to compare the capital of Lower Silesia with the modernist architecture of other cities.

Notes about Wroclaw’s modernism [tap for more info]

We invite you to take part in a meeting with the residents: Diana Felber (Germany), Levan Asabashivili (Georgia) and Marta Smektala (Poland), which will take place on October 14 at 18:00, in Fandom, located at 6 Grunwaldzki Square. The conversation will be conducted in English. Please take precautions, wear masks and disinfect hands during the meeting. Entrance is free, however, due to the common safety and limited number of places the registration is obligatory. If you are interested in attending, please sign up by sending a message with your name and telephone number to airwro@strefakultury.pl.

AIR Modernism

An international and partnership based residency project focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to modernism. The purpose of the residence is to map how Wrocław, Chemnitz and Tbilisi reflected pan-European ideas, i.e. modernism, what was their status in the past and what is it today, and how changes in time and space (East / West) influenced modernism and its perception? The residence is also to network Polish, German and Georgian artistic circles and institutions. Selected residents had the opportunity to conduct a field study on the basis of which they created their own research / art / design projects.


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