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What motivates us to act in the international sphere despite the difficulties of a pandemic? We invite you to take part in the third edition of the Culture Forum, which, due to exceptional conditions, will be completely online. The discussions on best practices and forms of cooperation, as well as the experience gained in recent months will be attended by cultural practitioners from Wrocław and Berlin. Live streaming of the meetings will take place on Friday, 27 November from 10:00 a.m. on Facebook of Culture Zone Wrocław. 

Cultural Forum 2019, fot. Julian Kurz

Thanks to the cooperation of Strefa Kultury Wrocław, the Train to Culture team Berlin Wrocław and Convivium Berlin e.V., as well as the financing of the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe, the third edition of the Culture Forum has been organised. Due to the pandemic situation, this edition will exceptionally take place entirely online. During the meeting in the network we will hear 17 voices of managers, practitioners, creators and cultural promoters representing both cities in eight thematic discussions.

Online exchange of ideas and experiences

During the discussions on Friday, we will take up important topics for all of us, such as culture and climate change and the subject of migration and mobility. There will be no shortage of specialists in the context of artistic exchanges, hybrid formats of residences, study visits and exhibitions. Together we will look at scenarios for the future of stage activities and ask ourselves whether the transmission of “live” events is really “live”?

How to join the online meeting?

The Culture Forum will be fully broadcast on the main Facebook page of the Culture Zone Wrocław, and thanks to simultaneous translations, viewers will be able to choose between conversations in Polish or German. Access to the broadcast is free of charge.

Join the event, the link to the online meeting is HERE


10:00 Opening of the Culture Forum

                Paulina Maloy – Natalie Wasserman – Ewa Stróżczyńska-Wille – Oliver Spatz

10:10 #1 What is the role of cities in international cultural cooperation?

                Berlin: Johanna Eisenberg | Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe

                Wrocław: Ewa Gołąb-Nowakowska and Aleksandra Pierścińska-Lichwa | Foreign Cooperation Office of the City of Wrocław

10:30 #2 Motivation to work in the international sphere despite the difficulties of the epidemic

                Berlin: Dagmar Schmengler | Alexander and Renata Camaro Foundation

                Wrocław: Maciej Bujko | BWA Wrocław, TIFF Festival

                Music: Felix Henkelhausen (Bass) – Jakub Olejnik (Bass) – Tomasz Pruchnicki (Saxophone)

11:00 #3 The current problems are only the beginning. Culture and climate change

                Berlin: Ina Friebe | Clubtopia e.V.

                Wrocław: Karolina Bieniek | Art Transparent Foundation

11:20 #4 Urban culture and diversity

                Berlin: Natalie Wasserman | Train to Culture Berlin Wrocław

                Wrocław: Olga Chrebor | Fama, Kaleidoscope of Cultures

11:40 #5 Artistic exchange. Hybrid formats of artistic residences and exhibitions

                Berlin: Philip Horst | ZK/U

                Wrocław: Kama Wróbel | OP ENHEIM                  

12:00 #6 Future scenarios. International cooperation and stage activities – not live anymore?

                Berlin: Annemie Vanackere | HAU Hebbel am Ufer Theatre

                Wrocław: Jarosław Fret | Grotowski Institute

                Music : Felix Henkelhausen (Bass) – Jakub Olejnik (Bass) – Tomasz Pruchnicki (Saxophone)

12:30 #7 Is stream live? Examples from the world of music

                Berlin: Lisa Benjes | Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

                Wrocław: Jakub Olejnik | Bass&Beat Festival

13:00 #8 We will meet in music

                Berlin: Katherina Wichate | Berlin State Opera Orchestra

                Wrocław: Agnieszka Ostapowicz | National Music Forum

13:20 #9 Informal conversations 2:0 on the web             


The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.

BERLIN_culture_forum_kulturforum_WROCŁAW: The power of cities. Connect in Europe, join the meeting online!


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