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“BODYWHOLENESS”: a new initiative of the BERLIN_Culture Forum_WROCŁAW project starts in the capital of Lower Silesia.

The Culture Forum is a cyclical, several-day meeting with artists and organizers of a culture scene from Wrocław and Berlin. It aim is to network and co-create initiatives that will be produced  in both cities.  On 4 & 5 October in Wrocław one of them will be presented - the "BODYWHOLENESS" project, created in cooperation with photographer Joanna Szproch (Berlin), performer Mateusz Czyczerski and curator Agata Ciastoń (Wrocław).

fot. Agata Ciastoń

The title BODYWHOLENESS was created by combining the words body and whole, in a synthetic way it refers to the issues of the project. It is an attempt to think of man as a holistic being, in which carnality is inseparably intertwined with the soul and mind. Such an attitude is important, especially today, when busy with everyday life, overwhelmed by media messages, bombarded by visual stimuli, we forget about the body, we think only about its external surface – its appearance. We cease to be in the body, to be the body, to be the BODYWHOLENESS. Is it possible to take at least a small step to be closer to the body, as is used to be?

Performance and workshops

On October 4th, the project will be inaugurate by the intermedia action of Mateusz Czyczerski and Joanna Szproch. The show is the result of a meeting between the medium of photography which is commonly used to aestheticise and objectify carnality with the art of performance based on deep and often extreme contact with the body.

The workshops, prepared by the artists mentioned above and the curator of the project, Agata Ciastoń, will be divided into two parts. Practical activities will be preceded by a short introduction to the issues of carnality, shame and femininity/male in art and culture. In the practical part, the participants will take a part in dance and movement classes, and the work with the body will be aimed at self-expression. The classes will also include a photography workshop inspired by material prepared together with the choreographer, consultations with artists, discussion and the work effects presentation.

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4th of October, on Friday at 7 p.m. , a PERFORMANCE at the TIFF Center (46a/9 Ruska Street) – admission free

5th of October, on Saturday form 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., a WORKSHOPS, photography + performative actions in TIFF Center (ul. Ruska 46a/9), participation is free of charge, registration is obligatory.

Workshops are conducted in Polish and participation is free of charge, after prior registration by 26 September at the latest, through the application form available HERE [pl version]. The number of places is limited.

Registration for the workshop means simultaneous consent to the processing of personal data described in the document: HERE [pl version].


Joanna Szproch: is an artist active in the field of photography and a lecturer. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź with a Master of Arts degree in 2004, she returned to Warsaw, where she worked on international commercial and artistic projects, developing her own distinctive style. In 2012 she moved to Berlin and redirected her practice to a path full of authenticity and freedom from tradition. From a feminine perspective, she explores the places where the innocent and the outcasts come into contact with each other. In 2016-2018, she conducted the “Photography and Art Direction” course at the HTK – Academy of Design in Berlin. Currently, she is finishing preparing her own photographic book, which is the result of many years of cooperation with her friend and the muse @smilefomedaddy. Joanna Szproch has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Weserhalle (DE), GlogauAIR (DE) and Melkweg Gallery (ND); she is the author of the zine “Bibgul”; she photographs for both printed magazines and designers, she cooperates with many Berliner artists.

Mateusz Czyczerski: performer/ dancer/actor/educator/pedagogue; currently lives in Düsseldorf. He graduated from the Lower Silesian University of Lower Silesia applied Sciences in Modern Art Design Now, specialization: performance and manager of artistic activities with Art Therapy at the Faculty of Pedagogy. Founder of the foundation for culture and art Sanatorium Kultury and Love Art House art studio. Member of the performative artistic group Dolphin Gang. He realizes his own artistic projects (Ra: and PINK DICK). He works in the areas of performance / movement / dance. Mateusz is the author of the dance style Stilettos Impro Dance, which combines heel dance with authentic movement and improvised dance. In his activities he explores the limits of sexuality, comfort zones and provokes, arranging situations that become uncomfortable. He cooperates with Wrocław Contemporary Theatre, Grotowski Institute and BWA Wrocław Gallery.

Agata Ciastoń: is an independent curator, teacher and writer, member of the Scientific Society of Photography; lives in Wrocław. She received her PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Wrocław (thesis entitled “Photography and Film: Media Meeting”). She cooperates with public institutions of culture, education and publishing houses. Her main research interests are visuality and cultural involvement of media. In her current curatorial practices she concentrates on archives and the coexistence of different media in artistic projects. She has also developed a strong fascination with the semantic potential of food and plants functioning as a medium in art. She deepens her body awareness and relationship with it through regular practice of meditation.

The project was created as part of Berlin_forum kultury_Wrocław initiated and implemented by Convivium Berlin e.V., Kulturzug / Train to culture and Culture Zone Wrocław as part of the AIR Wro program – in cooperation with TIFF Center and GLOGAUair. Project BODYWHOLENESS is supported and funded by the Senate of the City of Berlin for Culture and Europe.

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