3.12.2018 Monday

Culture of Mobility 7.0: we know the results!

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

The process of planning 2019’s programme in full swing, especially in the context of the main goal of AIR Wro – supporting the mobility of creatives from Lower Silesia. Today we are pleased to announce the results of the 7th edition of the Culture of Mobility. Israel, Germany and Portugal are the countries to which representatives of our cultural environment will go.

Residency in Israel

Agata Ciastoń – an independent curator, teacher and text writer who will go to Israel in March next year for a study visit. A visit to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is intended to ultimately refine the concept of the exhibition “Let the desert blossom”, under which the curator wants to take up the subject of landscape and desert in contemporary Israeli art. Cake was awarded the title of PhD in humanities at the University of Wrocław. Her main research interests concern visual culture and curatorial practices focus on the archives and coexistence of various media in artistic projects. He cooperates with institutions and publishing houses such as Wrocław Contemporary Museum, New Horizons Cinema, Kwartalnik Filmowy, Publishing House Słowo Obraz Terytoria, Szum Magazines and Dwutygodnik. She is a co-author of several monographic books and an experienced teacher as well as an academic lecturer.

Residency in Portugal

Iwona Jarosz and Kuba Majchrzak – representatives of the Wrocław music community from Wrocław, members of bands such as Nuremberg, Barłóg and the Kurws. In addition to music, they perform in graphic design (Jarosz) and film (Majchrzak). Both will go to the residence of the Portuguese city of Aveiro, where they will work together with Hugo Branco, a local musician who runs Aveiro Arts House – a cultural center, a residential space for artists and creators from an international environment.

Residency in Germany

Magdalena Zamorska – researcher, theoretician, cultural expert, doctor of humanities, assistant professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies of the University of Wrocław, a member of the Laboratory of Contemporary Humanities at the University of Wrocław. The author of the book “Obecni body. Workshop of polish butoh dancers – Intense Bodily Presence: Practices of Polish Buto Dancers “(Peter Lang, 2018). He is interested in creative strategies in performative arts, with particular emphasis on practices within new choreography, issues of experiencing, perception and reception in art, as well as issues in the field of environmental humanities and critical posthumanistics. She has completed several original research projects on dance and choreography for the Institute of Music and Dance and the University of Wrocław. She participated as a researcher in the project Om Foundation – organisms and machines in culture. Neurophysiology of the artist in performance. He runs a blog devoted to contemporary physical practices. Curator of the choreographic “dyFUZJE” residence project at BWA Awangarda in Wrocław (April-May 2019).

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