9.05.2019 Thursday

Direction: Wrocław

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

A new series of study visits has begun. In autumn, as part of the AIR Wro programme, we invite managers, producers and project coordinators who are preparing to celebrate the European Capital of Culture in other cities.

Photo: Marcin Jędrzejczak

“The process of the ECoC (European Capital of Culture) Wrocław 2016, implemented simultaneously on Four Stages: Wrocław, Lower Silesian, National and European and World, was a true time of transformation. Many conversations and  debates started then, which make Wrocław “vibrant” with culture today, will last for a long time to come and as a result will create a new, aware and unique on a European scale model of urban culture…” – reads the publication Spaces for Beauty. Summarized. The Culture Zone Wrocław still participates in this process – previously as the organiser of the ECoC celebrations, and now as an institution which continues many of its activities initiated in 2016.

Wrocław itself also remains a city that has been invariably popular in Europe for years. It is not only perceived as a tourist destination, but also as a centre hosting many international festivals, as well as more and more numerous social and community actions. In order to present Wrocław together with its inhabitants and creative circles, as well as local organisations, institutions and initiatives, the Culture Zone Wrocław, as part of the AIR Wro programme, is launching a new series of study visits addressed to broadly defined cultural personnel, especially managers, producers and project coordinators – the representatives of organisations and institutions currently working on the programmes of the European Capital of Culture celebrations or planning to apply for the title.

This year, the study visits are scheduled for autumn. During this time, the participants will have an opportunity to learn about the experiences and practices of the inhabitants of Wrocław in such subject areas as participatory projects, involving local communities and residents of the city, international projects, including the development of partnerships and networks, organisation of major artistic events, such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions, cooperation at the regional and national level and volunteer work.

For more detailed information, please contact the coordinator of the AIR Wro programme – Berenika Nikodemska at berenika.nikodemska@strefakultury.pl.

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