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Echoes of Wrocław – Anka Kasperska’s artist residency

Echoes of Wrocław is the title of Anka Kasperska's residence project, which takes place in June. Its aim is to look at the changes in the urban audiosphere of Wrocław on the basis of three buildings selected by the artist.

fot. Kama Wróbel

Over the years, architectural structures change their functions by adapting to the current needs of people and the times in which they live. Architecture and its soundscape is a silent witness to urban history whose memory – metaphorically speaking – is inscribed in the walls. Echoes of Wrocław is the title of a residency project intended to examine the changes in Wrocław’s soundscape by focusing on three buildings selected by the artist, Anka Kasperska: the Oppenheim House, the House of the Ladies of Trzebnica (the Romanesque House) and the Monopol Hotel.

As part of the artist’s residency, the following open events will take place.

12/06, 6.30–7.30pm
Sounds of horror. The soundscape of Wrocław in 1945. Lecture by Sławomir Wieczorek

25/06, 6–7pm
Presentation of the sound installation and conversation with Anka Kasperska

Conversation about the project and debate Soundscape as a research tool, with the participation of Robert Losiak, Maciej Bączyk and Justyna Stasiowska.
Moderator: Sławomir Wieczorek

27/06, 6pm
Tour of the venues included in the installation, led by the artist accompanied by guide Renata Bardzik-Miłosz

PARTICIPATION: The number of seats at the lectures is limited. If you are interested in participating, please send your request to: visit@openheim.org.
No prior registration is necessary for the walk with the artist.

The residence is organised by OP ENHEIM as part of the #ComptetitionforNGO, AIR Wro’s programme.

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