1.06.2018 Friday

Fundraising in the practice of a culture manager

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

Financing of culture is still one of the main topics of public debate, both among representatives of institutions and the non-governmental sector, as well as independent operators. Traditional forms of support, based mainly on public sources, seem to be outdated these days and it is time to look for alternatives. On June 20th, we invite you to the Reception for another workshop within the framework of the "Culture Practitioners" programme, this time related to various forms of fundraising.

How to create budgets and how to work with them? What should you remember while preparing them? How to prepare an effective strategy for raising funds from outside of public sources? How to use the patronage of culture, sponsors and crowdfunding? Innovative ideas and a creative approach – that’s what count! We will, therefore, present the best examples of the most inspiring practices of financing culture in Poland and worldwide, we will identify the most important aspects of working with the budget, and, above all, we will present alternative sources of support for culture-based activities. The workshop is addressed to individuals working in the cultural sector, managers and organizers of cultural events, organizers of cultural and socially-engaged projects, in particular to those who are responsible for acquiring financial resources for these projects.

Please notice! “Culture Practitioners” is mainly based on sharing our experiences and ideas, so we want to encourage you to actively co-create this workshop. If you know interesting and innovative practices related to fundraising, barter or sponsorship, prepare a short presentation – it will become part of the workshop.

The workshops are conducted in English, and participation in them is free after making a prior registration to the e-mail address: praktycycultury@strefakultury.pl. The declaration of willingness to participate in the workshop is tantamount to consenting to the processing of personal data and the use of the image of participants as part of the “Culture Practitioners”.

Workshop leader:

Maria Zięba – Culture animator, NGO advisor, coordinator of cultural projects, social worker, fundraiser. For many years, she has been pursuing cultural and social projects in Lower Silesia, that were addressed to various social groups and allow others to develop, learn, meet and get inspiration. She studied social psychology at the College of Social Psychology in Wrocław. She completed many courses and trainings, including: culture animation techniques (NCK), Leadership Development Program “City in the times of freedom” (Center for Remembrance and Future), design thinking, financing of cultural activities, project management (Centrum Sektor 3 in Wrocław) organization of volunteering, project management, diagnosis of local needs (Regional Center for Support of Non-governmental Organizations in Wałbrzych), project evaluation techniques (Creative Europe Desk Poland). Laureate of literary competitions. In 2016, she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Since 2016, the president of the Nice Stories Foundation. Since 2017, a member of the Świdnica Council for Public Benefit. She works with many organizations and cultural institutions in Lower Silesia.

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