4.10.2018 Thursday

Gabriela Kowalska: “What can we make for each other?” workshop at MWW

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

Wroclaw Contemporary Museum invites you to the meeting inaugurating a series of workshops "What can we make for each other?" with Gabriela Kowalska, combined with a presentation of the artist's current activities as part of her long-term project "What can I make for you?".

Illustration: Patrycja Mastej

Workshops are carried out within the framework of “Poland-Ukraine” – a programme created by the team of Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław especially for the Ukrainian community – a group that’s frequently choosing Wrocław as their place of living. All exhibition tours, lectures and workshops will be held in Ukrainian.

A series of workshops “What can we make for each other?” is yet another part of a long-term project by Gabriela gabukow Kowalska – “What can I make for you?”. This experiment aims at researching, analysis and creative answer to the needs of members of a specific community.

Two previous editions of the project were carried out within the AIR Wro – a programme organised by the Culture Zone Wrocław – during a residency in San Sebastian a part of European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 celebrations and in 2017 when Kowalska decided to conduct her research in Wrocław. The scope of the second part was narrowed down to one housing estate: Szczepin. Results of her research presented the needs of the inhabitants of Szczepin (and gave us the possibility to take a look at Wrocław in a smaller scale), but also showed out mutual needs to us.

Those results will be presented at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum as an exhibition available from 11.10.2018. This event will be also a launch of the latest stage of the process, which became a part of the Museum’s programme. Kowalska decided to add workshops to the formula of her project and to invite members of local Ukrainian community to participate in it.

During the workshop, the group will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and experience: careful observation and documentation methods, deep listening, theory and practice of Persona’s tool with the Design Thinking methodology and other skills needed to conduct and analyze interviews. Then, each participant will be invited to hold three talks with Ukrainians living in Wrocław. The next step will be to jointly analyze your needs, create a project brief and try creative and inclusive response.

We invite people who came to Wrocław from Ukraine or their own history to some extent to be associated with this country – employees, pupils, students of Wroclaw universities, seniors, young mothers with children.

Applications: personally on 11/10/2018 in Beautiful Tube at 18.00 or via the contact form.

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