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Grafikwerkstatt: we know the results of the call for a residency in Dresden!

Autor: Culture Zone Wroclaw

Within the framework of the call for a residency at Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, at the Cultural Division of the Municipality of Wrocław on 5th of December there was held a jury meeting. As a result this is Beata Filipowicz, who will go to Dresden. Congratulations!

Beata Filipowicz

Beata Filipowicz, Field of Possibilities, Intaglio 2017

The City of Wrocław in cooperation with the Sister City of Dresden has been organizing a residence exchange for artists specializing in workshop graphics for four years now. Thanks to it Maja Dokudowicz, Natalia Tarnawa, Katarzyna Roman oraz Dominika Ziober-Król, were able to work in Dresden.

Beata Filipowicz is a visual artist who expresses herself artistically through printmaking, painting. She currently lives and works in Wroclaw. Now employed as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, where she received her MA in Printmaking (2017) at prof. Przemysław Tyszkiewicz’s Intaglio Studio. Besides her solo presentations in Poland, she participated in various group exhibitions abroad including: IMPACT 10, Santander, Spain (2018), Zureta – The Misprint, at the Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo (2017); 6th Guanlan International Print Biennal in China (2017).

The Dresden residence will be an opportunity to reflect on the contemporary idea of the “Curiosity Room“. In German, Wunder Kammern (German) is a prototype of a museum collection, a collection of private, completely random but unusual objects that reflected the owner’s interests. Going back in time and visiting the sixteenth-century Kunstkammer, chaos, lack of chronology in the arrangement of objects and great diversity would probably prevail. The artist reflects on the curiosities of the digital age of the 21st century.  What would today’s graphic Kunst/Wunderkammer look like?  Drawing on the rich collections of museum works in Dresden and contemporary culture, artist wants to create unconventional “still lifes” inspired by everyday life. Filipowicz is interested in blurring the border between paper and a print in the form of a graphic object.

The residency exchange is organised by the sister cities Wrocław and Dresden.

The residency exchange is supported by Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław, Engraver’s House, the City Gallery in Wrocław.

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