14.02.2018 Wednesday

IRORI: Collective Asia – a series of cultural events related to the residency of a group of creators from Japan.

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

IRORI is a collective of artists invited to Wrocław thanks to the cooperation between Strefa Kultury Wrocław and EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee within the framework of AIR Wro. A series of events related to "irori", traditional Japanese hearth, will present a contemporary face of Japanese culture.

There are three events palnned with the group residency of Japanese creators:

Talkshow: Collective Asia
18.02.2018, 1:30-3:00 p.m. / free entrance
venue at Ofiar Oświęcimskich st. 14/11, Wrocław

Kenichiro Egami
Egami’s research focuses on various place-making practices and collective activities related to art/activism in Asia. In recent years, independent grassroots cultural and social spaces based on equal membership and multilevel networks have emerged in Asia. These spaces also function as experimental places for the creation of sample models of alternative societies that feature sustainable life and non-explored labour by connecting people beyond individual genres such as art, music, agriculture and craft. Egami will introduce the ongoing project Collective Asia that groups, translates and describes collective practices in Asian cities, the challenges they are facing, and their real voices coming from the ground in order to produce shared archives to promote a shift of the standpoints on the relationship between art and social practices in Asia.

Workshop: The last “Pierogi” – Finding your Pierogi with physical computing
21.02.2018, 6:00 p.m. / registeration via e-mail agnieszka.marcinowska@strefakultury.pl
Food Think Tank, Łokietka st. 6, Wrocław

Shinya Akutagawa, Anothai Oupkum
On February 22nd at Food Think Tank, Shinya Akutagawa and Anothai Oupkum will conduct a game-like workshop about pierogi and the Japanese dumpling gyoza. The participants will create a “pierogi detector” based on the Arduino microcomputer. They will develop very easy programming and make two tiny artworks representing the Polish and Japanese cultures. During the workshop we will cook pierogi and gyoza in the same pot on the Japanese hearth irori. We will also make sauces – yoghurt for pierogi and soy or chilli sauce for gyoza. Because pierogi and gyoza look the same, the participants will use the pierogi detector to identify them; however, they will not be sure if the device is trustworthy because they will be using one made by other participants. The participants will use a pierogi detector made by other participants, so that they won’t be certain if the device works correctly. As a result, he or she might eat pierogi with the Japanese soy sauce – sounds awful!

Environmental Assemblage
24.02.2018, 10:00 a.m. / free entrance
WYKWIT, al. Kochanowskiego 21, Wrocław

On 24th February, the artist collective IRORI and Food Think Tank will have an experimental environmental music and installation event with special breakfast in the basement and yard of the building run by the artist collective WYKWIT from Wrocław. While cooking, eating, creating art and resting, the artists will show how the perception of the environment can be influenced by the irori – the Japanese hearth for indoor cooking. While focusing on landscape and soundscape as one structure, they will attempt to make a site-specific interactive assemblage between Wrocław and Akita (Japan). Thanks to the internet of things technology, it will be possible to play music in Japan and Wrocław at the same time and exchange environmental data between the two places. In this way the artists will be rethinking how human beings can conceive of the non-visualized condition of nature and humans. They will also build an organic Japanese fermentation foot sauna made of sawdust, yogurt, honey, Japanese nattou, rice bran, and aromatic herbs gathered in Wrocław and Japan.

The project is subsidised by the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.


Krupa Gallery

Food Think Tank


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