14.12.2018 Friday

Iwona Jarosz and Jakub Majchrzak in Portugal

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

Culture Of Mobility programme was designed to support the mobility of the representatives of local creative environment. The first residencies of the seventh edition of the programme will take place in January 2019.

Photo: Maciek Bielawski

Photo: Jakub Frank

Aveiro Arts House

The idea for a residency in Aveiro Arts House comes down to the creation of a temporary musical project between three artists-musicians: Iwona Jarosz – local independent graphic designer and a musiacian, Jakub Majchrzak – local musiacian and a film maker and Hugo Branco (running Aveiro Arts House and Freima Labs netlabel and taking part, among others, in Fulano 47). During the two weeks, the trio intends to work on new material, which will be aesthetically oriented towards areas bordering on experimentation and ambitious dance music. The artists aim to make intelligent use of the function of trance in music through contrasts between repetition and lack of repetition, repetition realised by the linearity of the modules and the freedom of polyrhythm. The creative aura will also be favoured by the place itself – an extremely important spot on the cultural map of Aveiro.

Vasco Branco house

Located in the former home of film director, painter, pottery, writer and social activist Vasco Branco (1919-2014), Aveiro Arts House (VIC) combines the features of a cultural centre, artist-in-residence programme and a creative tourism-friendly base. Designed by architect Victor Palla, in the second half of the twentieth century the house became a meeting place for important cultural figures at both local and national level. The building resembles a house-museum, filled with unique stories that bring out the artistic, cultural and political contexts of Aveiro and Portugal in modern times. By bringing together national and international artistic circles, foreign travellers and local audiences, the programme has restored Vasco Branco’s home to its original character as a safe haven for art and culture lovers: an artistic laboratory open to the exchange of experiences and ideas.

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