2.07.2020 Thursday

LWOWRO: Iryna Rybko

We are pleased to introduce the next participant of the LWOWRO programme.

Second online meeting of LWOWRO group

First edition of LWOWRO workshops

Iryna Rybko is participating in this year’s edition of the LWOWRO programme organized by the team of international activities of the Culture Zone Wrocław and the Lviv Institute of Cultural Strategy. The programme is designed to exchange experiences, practices and knowledge between Ukrainian and Polish culture managers, thereby shaping cultural relations at an international level.

Iryna Rybko

On a daily basis she works as the cultural manager and strategic analyst at the Cultural Department of Lviv City Council, as well as a program coordinator of the Institute of Cultural Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University. She conducts a dialogue with municipal cultural organizations and initiatives, develops concepts for urban cultural projects, coordinates artistic events, search for partners, runs supporting programs for local cultural initiatives, and operates in the international area. Iryna is interested in issues of the development of culture management as a discipline and professional activity. Participation in the LWOWRO exchange program is the next step in the search for ways to define the role of culture managers in Ukraine and the world.

Hello, my name is Iryna Rybko and I’m cultural manager from Lviv. I’m working as a project manager at the Cultural Department of Lviv City Council, where my responsibilities include a lot of communication with a local art organisations and initiatives, search for partners, fundraising, making cultural projects etc. Starting from the last year I work at cultural studies program at the Ukrainian Catholic University. My favourite things in Lviv’s culture are probably creative communities and I really like them because they have their own creative rituals, places, history narrative with heroes and antiheroes. I think this phenomenon must be saved and explored. The last thing, my point is that culture can’t move for 100 % into virtual reality because creative ideas need real involvement and conflicts. Thank you! –  says Iryna Rybko, participant of the LWOWRO programme.

You have already met six LWOWRO participants: Anita Nemet, Sofiia Korotkevych, Veronika Homeniuk, Tetyana Bey, Pavlo Koryaha and Anastasiia Savytska. The next, third online meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian cultural community will take place on July 22.

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