24.04.2020 Friday

Meet participants of the second edition of the LWOWRO program

The second edition of the program focused on cooperation with cultural managers from Lviv is ahead of us. The idea initiated in 2017 as an answer to lack space for meetings and exchange of ideas and experience between Polish and Ukrainian cultural managers.

Workshops during first edition

The first stage of the exchange program was about to start today, April 24th.  During these several workshop days, the participants supposed to visit Wrocław’s cultural institutions and independent initiatives, familiarise themselves with the local creative environment, and participate in workshop to map their needs. Unexpected circumstances and restrictions related to the pandemic made impossible to implement this meeting on the planned date, which doesn’t mean that the program will not take a place at all.

We are starting an eight-week cycle of presentations of the program participants, during which every week we will present the profiles of cultural managers from Ukraine. Let’s get to know each other!

Anita Nemet

She has been involved in cultural activism since 2012. Anita started with small initiatives in Kamieniec Podolski and Chmielnicki, where she organized a cinema discussion club and an apartment art gallery in a former textile factory. Later, working with local museums, she organized interventions of contemporary art, and co-created projects about the history of Ukrainian art in the second half of the 20th century. Currently she works as a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Mykhailo Dzyndra, which is a branch of the National Gallery of Art in Lviv, while also running an independent curatorial and artistic practice.

Hi, my name is Anita Nemet and I am a participant in the LWOWRO project. I will tell you a few words about my professional experience. Since my student days I have worked on cultural initiatives, organizing lectures, classes, exhibitions and many other events. I work with museums as a curator and researcher, and currently I work at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Mykhailo Dzyzra, which is located in Briukhovychi, about 8 kilometers near Lviv. We have a lot of work. What can I say about Lviv culture and what can I recommend to see in Lviv? First of all – museums, because there are many unique institutions that are full of interesting, unique stories of people who lived in this city. In fact, they can tell the history of the city much better than all tourist places in the center of Lviv. What can we say about the media and the transfer of cultural events to the virtual reality? Of course, at this time it is the only way to communicate with the audience. But I think it’s not about a 100% transfer to the net through social media. Unfortunately, maybe not, because culture is obviously about expressing yourself and it’s about communicating about it, communication that gives a lot… so I think it’s about 70%. But that’s just my opinion. We hope to see you soon and have a nice time. See you says Anita Nemet, participant in the LWOWRO programme.

The premiere of the next video presentation will take place on May 1st.
More about international activities of Culture Zone Wrocław HERE.

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