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Meet the participants of the AIR Modernism residency project!

From mid-September, Culture Zone Wrocław will host participants of the AIR Modernism residency program from Wrocław, Chemnitz and Tbilisi. The interdisciplinary and long-term project offers the opportunity to explore various aspects of modernism.

The first edition of the project will take place this year. AIR Modernism is a long-term and international project, which means that the participants selected in this year’s edition by Culture Zone Wrocław, the City of Chemnitz applying for the European Capital of Culture in 2025 and the main organizers of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, will have the opportunity to visit other cities in the upcoming years. Experts meetings dedicated to modernism, design and art are planned, which will allow our residents to get to know and critically analyze various faces of 20th-century architecture, as well as the influence of modernist thinking on the present day. It is worth emphasizing that we approach the subject itself experimentally, and the participants created extremely mature and professional proposals of research.

Who was chosen by a professional jury?

Levan Asabashvili (Tbilisi)

Levan Asabashvili studied architecture at the Tbilisi Academy of Art and Delft University of Technology. In 2007 he co-founded Urban Reactor, an organization dedicated to social and spatial research, debate and education. In 2011 he became a founding member of DoCoMoMo’s Georgian section. He has been a doctoral student at Tbilisi Technical University since 2018.

Diana Felber (Chemnitz)

Contemporary art and architecture theorist, born in Chemnitz. Since 2015, she has been dealing with the topic of housing typology in the 20th century and the architecture of the Eastern Bloc. Since 2016, she has been a member of the KV – Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst collective, which brings together 9 people from various disciplines, such as fine arts, graphics, illustration and architecture.

Marta Smektała (Wrocław)

MSc. Architect, PhD student at the Wrocław University of Technology. Co-author of the exhibitions “Dom.Osiedle.Mieszkanie.”, which is the result of comparative analysis of pre-war, modernist and development housing estates in Poznań and Gdynia, exhibited during Gdynia Design Days in 2015, and “Droga ku nowoczesności. Osiedla Werkbundu 1927 – 1932 ”, organized as part of the ECoC 2016 program at the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław.

Thank you for all the applications!

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