2.10.2021 Saturday

October issue of the “Guide” is already available!

Cover of October issue

“This year, the 100th anniversary of the poet’s birth, will be boundless celebrated in the coming week” – we read in the introduction to the interview with Jarosław Fret, the coordinator of the municipal celebrations of the Różewicz Year. It is difficult not to agree with the following: in this issue, there are many pages devoted to the poet who is inevitably linked with our city – we recommend starting with the interview (p. 5), then moving on to the calendar (p. 28), and taking a look at the latest publications (p. 70)…

We know Różewicz’s fondness for walks in Wrocław’s zoological garden, which is why in the “Long story short” column we present an excerpt from Marek Górlikowski’s book Mrs. and Mr. Gucwiński. Animals and Their People (p. 12); we know that theatre was his second home, which is why we write more about the 10th edition of the International Theatre Festival Dialog–Wrocław (p. 16); in his Letter to the Cannibals he wrote about understanding others and not looking daggers at them, which is why we can assume that the idea of the Dialogopolis ‘21 event would be close to his heart (p. 20).

These and over 120 other cultural events have been collected on 72 pages of the October issue of the “Guide”. Each is important, each is necessary, and with something for everyone.

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