11.05.2021 Thuesday

Open-air meeting with artists, residents of the “Belarusian Spring”

The AIR Wro team invites you to a meeting with three Belarusian artists who this spring have the opportunity to participate in residency projects that are a gesture of Culture Zone Wrocław support towards artists from across the eastern border.

Doctor Oy, Я.Й.Ц.О

Ulyana Kalenik, Happening -This Poster Can Be a Reason of My Detention

Artist talk

Artist talk, which will take place on Tuesday, May 18 at 7 PM in the neon courtyard of the Reception at Ruska 46 street, will be dedicated to Ulyana Nevzorova, Alesia Maisei and Dmitri Doroshenko. During the meeting, the artists will tell about the stories behind their various projects – not only those whose concepts were shaped during their residency in Wrocław. The interview will be held in their native language and will be translated into Polish.

Belarusian winter and Belarusian Spring

The series of residency projects of the AIR Wro programme such as “Belarusian Winter” and the ongoing “Belarusian Spring“, conducted for the first time in cooperation with Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop, focus not so much on the material result, i.e. the presentation of artistic work, but on the process and shaping of ideas and artistic inspiration. A research stay gives the invited artist a greater openness to the experiences and influence of the local community. Ulyana Nevzorova got to know Przedmieście Oławskie. She was especially interested in the situation in which new knowledge could arise during conversations, meetings and practical experience of a place in direct contact, and not only through written history, books, and the Internet. Sketches were created and attempts were made to translate what the artist has managed to create so far in Minsk into the local realities. Dmitry Doroshenko is just beginning his exploration process, and Alesia Maisei focuses on continuing last year’s residency (“Belarusian winter” resident), which had to be postponed.

Meeting and presentation of the residents’ work

“During an artist talk, shared by three artists, we will talk about the experiences of Belarusian artists and the artist’s work, ideas and inspirations from Wrocław, and about what such a residency stay brings them. We really hope that the audience will join the discussion thanks to the outdoor nature of the event.” – says Paulina Brelińska, the coordinator of the AIR Wro programme

To participate in the meeting, please, send an e-mail with name, surname and telephone number to the following address: airwro@strefakultury.pl. The event will also be broadcast live on Facebook pages: AIR Wro, Pracowania Komuny Paryskiej 45, Reception and Strefa Kultury Wrocław.

Link to the event: [https://fb.me/e/2cnEGODJd]

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