15.09.2020 Thuesday

We are all about to know Wroclaw’s modernism! AIR Modernism residency starts

The first stage of the AIR Modernism residency project, created in cooperation of Cultural Zone Wrocław with the city of Chemnitz and Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, has begun. Over the next month the participants of the project will get acquainted with Wroclaw modernism, meet with local experts in this field and conduct their own research around selected issues.

The international and partner project whis AIR Modernism is, focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of modernism. The aim of the residency is to map how Wroclaw, Chemnitz and Tbilisi reflected pan-European ideas, what was their status in the past and what is today, and how changes in time and space (East / West) have influenced the avant-garde and its perception?

Joint workshops will take place in the most important locations of Wroclaw’s modernism. Among them are the legendary WuWa, Trzonolinowiec, Manhattan, ZETO and the Centennial Hall. Enabling cooperation between representatives of the creative circles of the three cities will create a space for exchanging ideas and carrying out valuable research. Wide perception of the topic, but also the research process of the project itself can bring many unexpected twists and turns of the action. The residents have created mature development plans on the following issues: exploration of modernist living space and human behavior around modernist architecture (Marta Smektala, Wroclaw), changes in the city’s tissue in 1945-90 with particular emphasis on revitalization of modernist architecture (Levan Asabashvili, Tbilisi) and stories of Wroclaw female architects (Diana Felber, Chemnitz).

AIR Modernism

It is worth emphasizing the fact that AIR Modernism is a long-term project, which will last until 2025. The program provides for the organization of numerous meetings with experts and participants of the project, co-organization of a symposium on the topic of modernism and an exhibition in Chemnitz in the coming years. Furthermore, the residents will have the opportunity to work with the urban fabric, architecture and heritage of Tbilisi and Chemnitz on site.

The co-organizer of the residence is the City of Chemnitz, which aspires to the title of European Capital of Culture in 2025, and the initiators of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial.

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