1.09.2020 Thuesday

September issue of “Wrocław Cultural Guide”

Our reality may sometimes change dramatically, which is what we've experienced in March this year. While the pandemic is still present across the globe – something we sometimes forget – we've come to make our own “peace” with uncertainty.

We remain hopeful, that the schedule proposed in the September issue of the “Cultural Guide”, which we have prepared for you, will remain accurate and help you make the time to take part in cultural events across Wrocław — and there are plenty of those. After all nothing is quite as relaxing and encouraging, as experiencing culture, which for centuries has been the source of comfort.

Right now, as we’re writing these words, cultural institutions and spaces for outdoor events are safe places. Please observe all restrictions and follow the instructions from cultural event organisers to keep it that way.

If you can’t leave your home for any reason, there is also a stuff for you. A lot of online events, interviews, columns, neighbourhood news, excerpts from the book Swimming in darkness, a guide’s description of a tour around Borek district, a photostory from the author of Mysterious Wrocław fanpage, book/music/film recommendations from the actress Małgorzata Szczerbowska and the sculptor Ignacy Nowodworski, and much, much more.

No matter what, let us all remain optimistic!


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