3.10.2018 Wednesday

City and Culture: How to set up an independent magazine?

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

In less than two weeks we’ll meet in Wroclaw at the conference "City and Culture", which this year is organized under the main idea of COMPROMISE. Perhaps, for a moment, we will turn away from the standard narrative around this concept and decide on an uncompromising approach in the area of ​​content? One of the examples of such initiatives is the "Non / fiction" magazine, whose editor-in-chief we have invited to conduct workshop about creating an independent publishing magazine.

Why the publishing market attracted our attention? In the era of digitalisation of all of the cultural content, it is clearly visible that titles with an independent profile addressed to conscious readers are increasingly rare. Especially the ones we can hold in our hands and appreciate the valuable content that they bring with them.

The aim of the workshop lead by Dorota Groyecka is to introduce the participants to the most important stages of establishing an independent press title in Poland. To show both the challenges and opportunities offered by the development of an independent press title. The workshop’s participants are to gain several practical tools and the feeling that they do not have to be passive media recipients. Their presence may go far beyond “clicking” – maybe tomorrow they will start their own magazine or publish a thematic zine with a group of friends? The motto “compromise” will appear in conversations with participants of the workshop – both in talking about experiences connected with publishing the “Non/fiction” magazine and in questions about participants’ experiences and plans – what does compromise mean for them? What concessions are they ready to make when creating their own project?

During the workshop, we will work on a multi-page form with questions and tasks, which I have prepared. Part of the form will be used to describe their own ideas for the magazine. There will also be questions about contemporary media – what phenomena the participants have recently noticed, what they miss in the Polish media and what examples of interesting projects from abroad they are familiar with. The materials I have prepared will also include pieces of press materials which have contributed significantly to the development of the idea for “Non/fiction” (both positive and negative examples).


Profile of the participant: students of journalism and cultural studies, beginner journalists, reporters, publishers.


Dorota Groyecka – co-founder and editor-in-chief of “Non/fiction” magazine. A graduate of journalism, Polish studies and cultural studies. Author of the book Gentryfikacja Berlina. Od życia na podsłuchu do kultury caffè latte. She has contributed to Polish and foreign press and online publications, writing about photography, music and the city.

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