28.09.2018 Friday

Amaia Vicente: Sound landscape of Wrocław

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

Amaia Vicente, artist-in-residence from Basque Country, invites you to participate in her filed recording workshop - 13-14.10. Register now if you're keen on sound research and recording.

The workshop’s main theme, which is going to be led by the AIR Wro programme’s resident – Basque Amaia Vicente, is an attempt to create a portrait or a sound map of Wrocław. Within the framework of the workshop its participants together with the artist will construct binaural microphones, which later will let them to record sounds in the field and in three dimensions. These recordings will be combined with their geolocation, thanks to which chosen sounds will be connected with specific parts of the city, creating such first sound landscape of Wrocław. 

Amaia Vicente, between September and November this year, is going to conduct a series of field recordings in Wrocław, which will be based on her own concept and binaural sound registration system as well as the artist’s PhD research at the University of the Basque Country’s Department of Art and Technology. Vicente’s residency will include the workshop and other activities dedicated to collecting sound material and marking a geolocation of recorded spots. The motive of “listening” and “hearing” is crucial for the artist and is a result of her everyday work methodologies. The residency will be closed with a presentation open for public, which will illustrate Vicente’s vision of sound landscape of the city of Wrocław. Amaia Vicente is a urrent artist-in-residence in Wrocław within the framework of cooperation between the Culture Zone Wrocław and Etxepare Basque Institute.


Schedule: 13-14.10.18, Barbara, Świdnicka 8B, 15:00-18:00

Registration: agnieszka.marcinowska@strefakultury.pl

Limited number of participants. The workshop is free of charge. It will be led in English language.

Registering for the workshop is tantamount to consent to the processing of personal data.

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