1.07.2021 Thursday

Summer issue of the “Guide” is already available!

Think of a summer break – you are going to see some obvious associations and links pop into your mind. Holidays, trips, journeys, carelessness, relaxation and entertainment. But a summer break does not mean a break from culture.

Cover of Summer issue

We want to be with you during this time – that is why we have decided to take you on a mental journey to communist Poland, so you can see how people used to enjoy the pleasures of summer (Paprikash or gold in the luggage) and how the streets of our city looked in the 1980s – all thanks to the sentimental episode of Ugly Wrocław. You know us well, so you are probably suspecting that we encourage you to be a tourist in your own city, so we decided to take you for an architectural walk around Grunwaldzki Square, and to the Wrocław irrigation fields with Katarzyna Roj, who came across these fields last summer in search of spontaneous nature in the city – the so-called third landscape. You can read more in the Eco-glossary of a cultured person. With excerpts from Decay. Reports from small towns by Marek Szymaniak, we leave Wrocław to take a tour of Lower Silesian Bielawa, Kłodzko or Nowa Ruda.

Summer break is also the time for summer festivals, so there is no shortage of articles about those. Check out our event calendar to see them all listed in the order of topics. You can also read our interview with Anna Dziewit-Meller, curator of this year’s edition of the European Night of Literature, cultural recommendations from Natalia Grosiak (Mikromusic) and Mrozu, who will perform on the square in front of Impart as part of the Sounds of Summer, or a feature about how the New Horizons Film Festival has become part of Wrocław’s topography over the decades of its existence. You can also check out how our festivals grow in terms of programme and take care of ecology – this time, we focus on the upcoming WROsound.

We are serious – all of this (and more!) will take place this summer – let’s keep our fingers crossed that the coronavirus doesn’t derail all of our holiday plans. Be careful and take care of yourself! We’ll see you (with the next issue) in September.

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