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The Belarusian Spring residency project has begun in Przedmieście Oławskie

As part of the AIR Wro programme, we continue cooperation with artists from Belarus. On April 10, we started the Belarusian Spring - a residential project at the Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop, during which two Belarusian artists will discover the urban fabric and work in one of Wrocław’s housing estate – Przedmieście Oławskie.

Doctor Oy - Я.Й.Ц.О

Ulyana Kalenik, Happening -This Poster Can Be a Reason of My Detention

Ulyana Kalenik and Dmitry Doroshenko 

We invited young artists who are characterized by interesting achievements that are not limited themselves to one medium. Two artists came for a six-week residency in Wrocław: Ulyana Kalenik (Nevzorova) and Dmitry Doroshenko (Doctor Oy). In their work, they both combine visual (sometimes performative) activities with public space and social initiatives, telling involved stories about the urban fabric and their origins.

I want to immerse myself in the local environment and create something based on this experience – emphasizes Ulyana, pointing to the need to get to know Wrocław from the perspective of a visual artist who lives in a different city – Minsk. Dmitry, on the other hand, will focus on the relationship between a work of art and the city. As he notes: Wall painting, installation, sculpture – these items accompany people on the way home or on a walk, create a mood and improve the quality of life. The artistic residency Belarusian Spring aims to reach the local community through artistic interventions in public space or joint activities with residents and creating a space for them to work. Artists will focus their activities on Przedmieście Oławskie, whose rich history, image changes over the years, as well as social issues have become an inspiration for many artists, both Polish and foreign.

Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop

Throughout their stay, Ulyana and Dmitry will work in the Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop of integration and exchange of experiences between the local community, invited artists and animators. So far, animators and managers representing various fields of art have been active in the Neighbors Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop programme. For the first time, the space will become a place of artistic residence.

Details of the artists upcoming activities will be available on the social channels (Facebook and Instagram) of the AIR Wro programme, Komuny Paryskiej 45 Workshop (Pracownia Komuny Paryskiej 45) and Culture Zone Wroclaw (Strefa Kultury Wrocław).

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