12.12.2019 Thursday

The final of the „Lives in Between” project in Berlin!

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

Lives in Between I


8.06.2019 – OP ENHEIM

Lives in Between II


14.12.2019 – SCHAROUN CAMARO

The final of the Lives in Between project will take place on 14th December, the last one this year within the framework of BERLIN_cultural forum _WROCŁAW.

The interdisciplinary artistic project is a search for an anlaogy between Berlin and Wrocław – visible and invisible traces – in relation to history and architecture. In the Wrocław edition, the axis of the project was the architecture of Hans Poelzig and the history of the Oppenheim tenement house – today’s OP ENHEIM. The inspiration for artistic research in Berlin is the painting of Alexander Camaro and the architecture of Hans Scharoun. Dance and music improvisations, as well as film documentation show relations between man, architecture and art against the background of changing times.

Authors, artists:

The idea of LIVES IN BETWEEN has been developed by an interdisciplinary Wrocław-Berlin team, which consists of the following members: Anna Katalin Németh (HU) – dancer and choreographer, Louis Volkmann (DE) – photographer and video artist, Jakub Olejnik (PL) – musician, double bass, Oliver Pinchbeck (GB) – circus artist, Darek Dzugan (PL) – musician, double bass and Dominic Oelze (DE) – musician, drums.

BERLIN_culture forum_WROCŁAW

These are meetings of artists and organizers of culture from Wrocław and Berlin, whose aim is to network and co-create projects combining different disciplines of art. The source of inspiration is the common cultural heritage, which connects both cities and is reflected in the present day. Lives in Between, Bodywholeness and Transit beings projects are the result of workshop activities and many months of cooperation between artists and cultural institutions of both cities. The effects of these activities can be seen both, in Wrocław and Berlin.

The project was created as part of BERLIN_cultural forum_WROCŁAW initiated and implemented by Convivium Berlin e.V., Kulturzug / Train to culture and Culture Zone Wrocław as part of the AIR Wro program – in cooperation with OP ENHEIM and oraz Alexander und Renata Camaro Stiftung. Project Lives in Between is supported and funded by the Senate of the City of Berlin for Culture and Europe.

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