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Competition for NGO: we know the results of the fifth edition

We know the results of the fifth edition of the competition for the implementation of artistic residencies and study visits for non-governmental organizations and social cooperatives! Out of the thirteen applications that fulfilled all formal requirements, two were selected, namely: “Aerial Residency 2018” by the Cultural and Ecological Association “Filtrator” and “Ciekłe Miasto II. Środowisko” (“Liquid City II. Environment”) by the Wersja Foundation. Both projects correspond directly to the topics that the AIR Wro Programme will focus on in 2018: the identity and culture of a city, sustainable development, and ecological awareness. Moreover, they offer two different approaches to the selection process of the artists, depending either on an open call for artists or on a curator recommendation.




The projects’ goal is to develop a social campaign aimed at raising the awareness of the quality of local air among Sokołowsko residents. The problem of pollution, especially significant in the context of the town that used to be a spa resort, will be undertaken by an artist selected via an open call. During his/her residency stay, the artist will, among others, realize a series of workshops with residents and prepare a publication on how to reduce the negative impact of pollution on the local environment.

The Cultural and Ecological Association “Filtrator” is an initiative launched by the graduates of environmental protection and cultural animation. The association focuses on promoting sustainable development as an element of everyday life. Its main objective is to popularize ecological attitudes and raising the level of ecological and cultural awareness among society.”Filtrator” organizes workshops and lectures for children and youth, and supports local initiatives and events that foster the conscious management of natural resources.

The Association aims also at changing the image of non-governmental organizations, informing and educating the public about activities that have a positive impact on the environment, initiating all forms of activity for children, youth and adults, supporting cultural initiatives, and promoting ecological culture and bioregionalism.


As part of the project submitted by the Wersja Foundation, a German artist, Judith Röder, will return to Wrocław to continue her activities launched in 2015, when she prepared an exhibition “Subtleties” presented at the SiC! gallery BWA Wrocław. Exactly three years have passed since the event, and the artist returns to deepen her reflection on the city and consider it in the context of Lower Silesia’s natural environment. The theme of her activities, carried out in cooperation with workshop participants, will be the relationship between the natural world and the cultural identity of the region’s inhabitants. The continuation of the “Liquid City”project is at the same time the continuation and expansion of the cooperation among the BWA Studio Wrocławthe SiC! BWA Wrocław gallery and Wrocław 2016 Office within the framework of AIR Wro Programme.

Judith Röder is a visual artist from Daun in Germany. In the years 2002-2005 she was studying the art of stained glass in Munich, and in 2010 she graduated from the Institute for Ceramic and Glass Art at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. In her works, she uses natural materials, combining them with new technologies. However, glass always occupies a central position in her art, becoming both a screen for ephemeral projections and a place for recording traces of processes that escape sensual perception.

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