22.03.2019 Friday

AIR Wro Talks 4.0: Who Promotes Greenland?

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

In just 6 days the international conference AIR Wro Talks 4.0 will start! During the first panel discussion, together with invited experts, we will talk about the role and tasks facing national cultural institutes in the 21st century. The meeting will begin at 17:00 in Barbara.

The modern world is characterized by simultaneous integration and disintegration of existing structures. Relations between countries are constantly changing. Spheres of influences are changing. Is there still room in the 21st century for the promotion of culture, which is officially defined by the borders of countries? How to present the heritage and identity of nations when the position of regions grows? What are the tasks of the institutions which are established to disseminate culture in other countries? These and other questions will be answered by representatives of national institutes of culture in Europe, dealing with international cooperation on a daily basis.

The discussion will be attended by Joanna Tamborska, deputy director of the Danish Cultural Institute – an independent non-governmental organisation that works for international dialogue and mutual understanding, Irene Larazza, general director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, a cultural institution whose mission is to promote the most important elements of Basque culture. Rupert Weinmann, director of the Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau, organisation responsible for cultural and scientific projects, as well as events aimed at mutual understanding and establishing lasting contacts, will also take part in the conversation. The meeting will be hosted by dr. Karolina Bieniek from the ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation.

28.03 | 17:00-18:30 | Who Promotes Greenland? The Role and Tasks of National Institutes of Culture in the 21st Century | panel discussion

Moderator: dr. Karolina Bieniek – ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation

Panelists: Irene Larraza – director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, Joanna Tamborska – deputy director of the Danish Cultural Institute, Rupert Weinmann – director of Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau


The panel is a part of the international conference AIR Wro Talks 4.0, which is addressed to experts and practitioners active in the field of culture, who are interested in current cultural and social phenomena. The leitmotif of this year’s edition is “boundaries”. Their various meanings during discussion panels, lectures and workshops will be discussed by outstanding guests – representatives of Polish and European cultural organizations and institutions.

Full programme: www.airwrotalks.conrego.com

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