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“Wrocław Cultural Guide”: flash

As always, February brings the first open call for projects within the Microgrants programme, which result in new experiences, skills, as well as tons of satisfaction and neighbourhood friendships. The participation can also come with amazing tales, success stories, as well as support for local communities. That is why we decided to devote this issue of the “Guide” to showcase four people, whose activities to date are the best proof of that.

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Renata Piwko-Wolny

Zdjęcie, Renata siedzi na kanapie ze złożonymi dłońmi i opowiada o projekcie from Video “Zostań lokalnym bohaterem”

You’ve got Mail! Come – the project launched under this title started her Microgrants journey in 2016. Taking advantage of the energy of the residents of the Strachocin-Swojczyce-Wojnów district, she set up the Group with Passion [Association pl. Grupa z Pasją] which is responsible for the programme of the Local Activity Centre named “Rewir Twórczy”. These days, Renata works as the president of the association, city activist, estate councillor, culture manager and a leader of the Civic Budget projects. In 2018 she was named one of the 30 Creative People of Wrocław, along with her team of co-workers.

Tomasz Patoła

Zdjęcie, Tomasz siedzi przy stole w Barbarze. W ręku trzyma mikrofon i jest w trakcie rozmowyphoto: Marta Sobala

An IT engineer Turned on by Maślice, who works together with Maślicman and Robin Hoods of Maślice district  on numerous campaigns for the local community. In 2016, the year of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław, he worked on the Literature To Go project, designing unusual machines that reproduced, displayed and printed book quotes. He joined the Microgrants programme a couple of years ago with a team called the Collective of Ideas [pl. Kolektyw Pomysłów], which over the years turned into an association with Tomek at its helm. They are now publishing a local newspaper entitled “Halo, Tu Maślice”, while constantly surprising local residents with new ideas.

Aleksandra Bolek

Zdjęcie, Aleksandra w trakcie jedzenia brokułów z białym sosem. Jest na zewnątrz i trzymając widelec patrzy się prosto w obiektyw. photo: Krzysztof Dusza

With a small child and a table under her arm, a few years ago she took us for the first culinary journey around Karłowice. Later on, she proved that you can make tasty and full-fledged dishes from kitchen leftovers. Currently, she does everything –and more. She works as an English teacher, editor-in-chief of “Kurier Karłowicki” and initiator of neighbourhood culinary events in the Cooking Karłowice series. Ola is also involved in the creation of the Duo!Sfera Local Activity Centre at Bałtycka 8 Street. Be sure to follow their activities!

Adrianna Klimaszewska

Zdjęcie, Adrianna śmieje się w trakcie przeprowadzanego z nią wywiadu. photo: Jerzy Wypych

Her journey with the Microgrants programme started with cooperation on an initiative dedicated to a famous family of printers from Wrocław. She later became involved in her original projects, including Zakrzów Yesterday, Zakrzów Today and Polish-Ukrainian Recipe Book in Psie Pole district. These days, Ada is hardly slowing down – she was nominated for the title of 2020 Wrocław Woman of the Year in a poll organised by the Wrocław Women Council, while her Pink Box project won her the title of one of the 30 Creative People of Wrocław.

Collected by: the Microgrants programme team

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