1.02.2019 Friday

Wrocław Cultural Guide for February

Statistically speaking, if any of you were to take up the challenge of participating in all events featured in this issue of the “Guide”, you would have to attend more than four events per day. It is true that Wrocław is a city of culture, but it would not be one without you – open and creative residents. We dive deeper into this issue in our interviews with coordinators of municipal participatory programmes, including the Microgrants, Wrocław Civic Budget and ESK Parks.

The Lower Silesian Film Centre also get to the issues surrounding the city by launching their City Docs series – learn more by reading 5 answers our 5 questions to Jarosław Perduta, the cinema’s director. With cinema lovers eagerly waiting for the Academy Awards ceremony (25.02), Wrocław’s Fandom will become the Dolby Theatre for the creators of independent comic books, who will go there to receive the Golden Chicken Awards (16.02).

From Grunwald, not so far to the Triangle, where you can still find shoemakers, tailors and photographers who told us about their trade, going on a sentimental journey. By the way: don’t forget about the opened in February Trip exhibition on the mezzanine of the Main Railway Station. Thanks to Anna Wajs, who is passionate about public transit networks in various cities, which she turns into posters that she puts into frames, this issue will also cover subway.

Everybody knows the date of the Valentine’s Day, so before it gets all sweet, let us first relish in something savoury, something we all love – something that also has an international celebration that hardly anybody remembers. We hope that you’ll spend Pizza Day (9.02) in a tasty way – after all, that’s the best way to celebrate.

Have an exquisite February!

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