31.01.2020 Friday

Wrocław Cultural Guide for February is now available

Although the new year started like a month ago, it’s only now that editors have the opportunity to officially welcome the readers of the “Guide” in the 2020s.


This February issue offers more than 120 reasons for leaving home – you can check them all out in our event calendar. There are also several ways to escape the grim, gloomy and smog-filled atmosphere of Wrocław – just take a look at our regular columns.

If you don’t want to leave the city, we suggest a short trip to Brochów district – thanks to archive photographs of its residents collected by the coordinators of the Home Photo Studio project, as well as to Nadodrze district in a search for intriguing signs, together with the author of the Ugly Wrocław fanpage.

You can also visit the western part of Poland with Karolina Kuszyk – author of Post-German [pl. Poniemieckie], a book which enters into a debate with three generations of people living in former German homes and using German items, as well as treasure hunters and collectors, who keep looking for what was left of Germans here. You can find some excerpts from the book in our “Long story short” section. Alicja Patanowska takes us to China – to Jingdezhen, to be more precise – with her report from her artistic residence stay in this city of china. All while OP ENHEIM showcases the spirit of Japan with its exhibition entitled The figures of the floating world, where you can see the juxtaposition of works by British artist David Hockney and Japanese artist Asana Fujikawa.

Have some great cultural journeys and a good time!

You can check online all of the past issues here. 

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