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Wrocław Cultural Guide for February!

Despite the fact that February is only 28 days long, we faced the challenge of choosing over 100 events from the rich cultural offer of Wrocław, which you can enjoy during that time. We also decided to take a closer look at some of them and write more – Frankenstein returns to the Capitol Musical Theatre, and My Brilliant Friend will make its debut in the Contemporary Theatre.

Weronika Szczawińska will tell us more about it. While the WRO Art Centre celebrates its 10th birthday at Widok 7, the Library of Clothing opens its warehouses and will soon launch its on-line platform. You can read more about these initiatives from our interviews with Viola and Piotr Krajewski, as well as Marta Niemczyńska and Agnieszka Zawadzka – all pairings and references to Valentine’s Day are purely unintentional.

Since the winter in Wrocław is less and less cold with each passing year, we recommend paying particular attention to two walks: the trail of tragic and romantic stories to make your life less sweet in the lovely February atmosphere with the legend of the Dumpling Gate, as well as a guide to locations featured in productions by the Wroclaw Feature Films Studio (including Barbara, where the City Academy, a series of meetings for young people, will be launched this month).

Who knows, maybe when walking around the city, you will have an opportunity to meet the Japanese artists of the IRORI group, who will start their residence in Wrocław this month? Or maybe you will somehow end up on Magda Pasierska’s concert, promoting Mapa – her latest project? Apart from the above, this issue also features your favourite regular columns, including cultural recommendations of Karolina Micuła and Wojtek Michalak (with digital culture recommendations making their debut),
Krzysiek Stęplowski shows the “uglier” (yet still beautiful) side of Wrocław, we also prepared February riddles for the younger and older lovers of brain teasers. Dear Readers: grab a doughnut, pack the “Guide” – sounds like a good cultural plan for February!

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