3.07.2019 Wednesday

Wrocław Cultural Guide for summer is now available

Strawberries, cherries and... Wrocław Cultural Guide! Now we can say it's definitely vacation time because we're presenting you cultural must-have where you can check what will happen in Wrocław this summer.

We can say with a high degree of probability, that the term “cucumber time”, also known as “silly season” emerged when all the theatres and concert halls were closed for the summer, since all the artists left for a vacation at the time of picking and pickling cucumbers, while newspapers and magazines went haywire, trying to come up with any content to fill up their pages. Fortunately, the cultural life of our city even in summer is so rich and diverse that we always have something to write about and everything indicates this is not going to change for quite a long time. Soon, the greatest filmmakers and art cinema lovers will come to Wrocław for the New Horizons Film Festival – after reading an interview with the programmers of this year’s edition, you will know what to expect on the silver screen. But… come on now! It’s summer, so we can also watch films in the open air. That’s why we have prepared a special infographic for you, presenting the locations of cinemas under the stars.

This issue also offers an interview with the fantastic Grzegorz Rosiński – a world-famous comic book artist, whose works will be shown in the Centrum Kultury Zamek in Leśnica. You should also consider visiting the National Museum, where you can admire unique glass art by Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz, as well as numerous art galleries and exhibition spaces, housing the works presented in connection with the ongoing Triennial of Drawing. Literature aficionados will surely enjoy the Authors’ Reading Month, while the Non Sola Scripta festival will be a treat for organ music lovers.

We are in for a couple of months encouraging us to go on trips, journeys and walks – both short, for example a walk in the footsteps of the Korn family, as well as long ones, such as the trip of the “Cegła” editorial staff to the United States. We won’t be offended if you think you’ve had enough of Wrocław and start looking for another place to spend your free time. We knew that you might do so. But of course, as the “Cultural Guide”, we don’t want you to miss culture during that time. To that end, we created a special section with recommended places in Lower Silesia, where you can rest and enjoy yourselves. And since riddles are one of the best ways to spend your free time during a trip, you can enjoy not one, but two pages. The next issue of the “Guide” will appear in two months – we also decided to go on a well-deserved break. Have a great summer!

You can find the eletronic version here.

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