3.12.2019 Thuesday

Wrocław Cultural guide for winter is now available

What you’re holding in your hands is the largest, most extensive edition of the “Wrocław Cultural Guide” to date. The organisers of events literally flooded us with their announcements, which made us face a tremendous challenge of preparing a two-month issue featuring nearly 100 pages in just a month.



Of course, in a typical holiday season fashion, apart from more than 200 events in the calendar, our magazine offers some Christmas-themed articles. Let’s start with gifts – if you are looking for some unique and local things to give to your loved ones, take a look at our list. After all, December is a month of numerous design and book fairs, and… everything that’s good. What comes next? The Christmas break, of course, and tons of free time, which is why our Collective portrait outlines noteworthy exhibitions in Wroclaw galleries and museums. Don’t forget to go on a walk around Sępolno district with us on a sunny day. What else? New Year’s Eve – where to go, what to do and with whom? Of course, we are ready for that as well, and you can take advantage of our cultural advice.

Actress Anna Krotoska and architect Zbigniew Maćków also have some interesting recommendations for you. One of them – the Marcin Wasilewski Trio concert at Impart – intrigued us so much that we simply had to talk with the musicians about their anniversary of artistic activity. We also conducted another interview – also with musicians, although working outside the boundaries of classic genres – the regime brigade association. It was their opportunity to recall five years of their activities and share their plans for the future.

However, one thing is certain – our plans are not going to change, and we are still going to prepare the Wrocław cultural guide for you, and make it as reliable and interesting as we can. We wish ourselves to be able to do it, and we wish you – our readers – only the best cultural experiences. Be with us next year!


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