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Album cover „What's The Deal With Time?”

Album cover „NGOMADS”

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„What’s The Deal With Time?”

Authors: Oxford Drama
Release date: 26.03.2021
Label: Asfalt Records

About the band:

This Wrocław-based band was created by Małgosia Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka. Signed to the Brennnessel label, in 2015 they released their first album In Awe, which was dubbed one of the most interesting Polish debuts of 2015. This was also the beginning of their musical journey – Oxford Drama went on a tour with their Wrocław-based patron – Kamp! finding their way to the stages of Open’er and Spring Break. Three years later, in September 2018, they returned with a new album, Songs, which somewhat departed from the electro-pop formula.

About the album:

It’s the third LP in the band’s repertoire, released after a three-year hiatus. By their own admission in an interview, in 2015 Oxford Drama was frivolous, but still liked to have everything under control. “In 2021, we learn to combine that perfectionism with intuition. We let ourselves make sounds that come out of a spur of the moment. We accept them and we stop playing with changes , they said. After they released their single Not My Friend online, they made a ton of buzz. With the latest release, their once again show that they are one of the most interesting Polish indie rock bands featuring influences of dream pop and surf rock.



Authors: Łukasz Dembiński, Radek “Bond” Bednarz, Piotr Gospodarczyk
Release date: 1.03.2021
Label: Gig Ant

About the album:

The title of the album is based on the “ngoma” word, which denotes musical instruments used in Central and Eastern Africa, and comes from a Congolese word for a drum – with this information, it should be no wonder that the album is dominated by songs based on the sound of percussion instruments. Handpan drums introduce reflective, even meditative notes, which are interrupted by the sounds of bass guitar. The tracks featured on this EP were recorded live at Eklektik Art space in Wrocław in November last year.

About the authors:

Their paths crossed many times – they knew each other from performances in Eklektik Room and African drum workshops. NGOMADS is a trio that features Łukasz Dembiński (founder of Foliba), Radek “Bond” Bednarz (known from Wrocław-based Miloopa, producer and organiser of the Eklektik Session festival) and Piotr Gospodarczyk (drummer, music therapist, founder of the School of Rhythm). The material was mixed by Roli Mosimann, winner of the Golden Ear Award during the 12th edition of the Soundedit Music Production Festival.

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