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“Wrocław Cultural Guide”: What kind of musical instrument are you? – psychological test

Do you play first fiddle? Or do you dance to somebody’s tune? Or perhaps you are a one-man band? Take the psychological test below and find out, what kind of musical instrument you have most in common with!

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Take in 5 minutes 

Your apartment/home is…

  • full of apple pie smell (c)
  • your sanctuary, where cats rule supreme (a)
  • wherever you are (d)
  • always full of guests (b)
  • a bastion of order (even your towels are arranged by colour) (e)

For dinner you’d rather go…

  • to a place you’ve never been to before (you love to explore new flavours) (d)
  • to an elegant restaurant with at least one Michelin star (e)
  • to your favourite joint, where you’re familiar with the waiters and you know the whole menu by heart (a)
  • nowhere – since you’d rather heat up your mother’s home-made dish (c)
  • anywhere, as long as you’re in the company of friends (b)

For you weekend means…

  • having a grill in the garden and partying till dawn (c)
  • reading the “Gardener” magazine and making macramé flowerbeds (a)
  • having a spa day at home and watching one of Fellini’s films (e)
  • sleeping till noon and having a pizza for breakfast (b)
  • going to a phonographic exchange or taking a solo trip to the mountains (d)

There is a blackout in your apartment. What do you do? You…

  • light candles, open a bottle of wine and listen to records on your gramophone (e)
  • call your friend for help – there’s nothing you can’t fix together (c)
  • patiently wait for an electrician (a)
  • try to solve the problem on your own (probably a fuse blew out) (d)
  • knock on your neighbours’ door – better together (b)

When going to a party your clothing of choice is…

  • a blazer with sequins you found at a thrift store (b)
  • anything at all really (you’re not very particular about your clothes) (d)
  • a simple organic cotton shirt with patent leather shoes (a)
  • a silk chiffon dress or a suit made to order by an Italian tailor (e)
  • your favourite jeans and a t-shirt with a catchy phrase (c)

Your favourite thing about elementary school was…

  • cuts – it was a real school of life (d)
  • the “capri sun” sold at the school snack shop (a)
  • the theatre club (to this day you keep in touch via e-mail, discussing about art) (e)
  • that awesome lunch lady (she always gave you extra pudding) (c)
  • time you spent with classmates, playing hacky sack or trading sports cards (b)

Your ideal vacation means…

  • swimming with the dolphins on Azores (b)
  • workshops on tantra and meditation on beaches in Goa, India (d)
  • spending time at an organic farm in the middle of nowhere (a)
  • going to the Land of the Rising Sun full of its origami and freshly prepared sushi (e)
  • taking a camper on a road trip to the Balcans (c)

How do you prefer to do shopping?

  • you run to the store, when your stash of crisps is gone (b)
  • you visit a bunch of shops, looking for special offers (a)
  • you have a shopping list prepared based on the week’s meal schedule (e)
  • once a week you go to the market to stock the whole fridge (c)
  • you go to a store and buy whatever you feel like at the moment (d)

Your cousin from USA comes to visit. You take him…

  • on a bike ride to the less populated parts of the city (there are so many interesting nooks and crannies!) (a)
  • to an art gallery to see the latest exhibition of conceptual art (friends told you it’s fantastic!) (e)
  • to a night club (the local take on The Hangover experience) (b)
  • for a river cruise (it’s the best way to tour the city) (c)
  • for alternative sightseeing in the footsteps of murals and old neon signs (d)


Triangle – most (a) answers

You’re the sentimental type: you still keep your elementary school ID in a drawer somewhere, and your prom clothes are in the closet as well. You spend your time researching your family tree and tending to peonies in the garden. You only sing when you’re taking a shower, and dancing is something you only do at a wedding. If you could, you would adopt every cat rubs up against your leg. You’re very dependable: your morality is very solid, since it has a strong base, and two arms.


Saxophone – most (b) answers

You are never bored – it takes a moment for you to come up with a new idea, which you usually follow up on. Sometimes you call up your friends late at night, because you’ve just finished watching a great movie, and you need to tell them all about it. Your doors are always open: in fact you could do without locks, since you keep losing your keys anyway. You like to stand out in a crowd (you despise the colour beige and boring mass produced clothing). Improvising is in your nature, and all your weekends are the stuff of legends. And of course you’re the protagonist of each story.


Guitar – most (c) answers

You’re often in the mood for blues, sometimes you’re all about rock’n’roll. You were the class treasurer in elementary school, even though you wanted to be the captain of a sports team. You have a… great sense of humour. In fact people call you “pancake”, because your jokes are so flat. You’re great in a crisis: you’re well prepared for any kind of disaster (your time in the Scouts was well spent).


Drums – most (d) answers

You paddle your own canoe and you’re also your own best friend. You enjoy travelling, choosing your destination on a whim. Your backpack is always ready for the road, since it already holds most of your belongings. You don’t have a savings account, nor any loyalty card. You like meeting new people, but you don’t get attached. And definitely you’re not one to dance to someone’s tune. If anything, you’re the one who sets the rhythm.


Piano – most (e) answers

You are trustworthy and respected. Being in your presence is like a visit to the Buckingham Palace. You recognize all the varieties of Brie cheese and you’re fairly certain, that your great-grandfather was French. You always felt more mature than others – even as a child you preferred watching the news rather than the Smurfs. You were a top student at school – although you were exempt from PE, you made up for in recitation competitions. You only value black and white cinema, and you quote Baumgarten during sleep. You’re convinced, that Minimalism will save the world.

Musical portraits of human souls composed by:
Magdalena Przewłocka, Magdalena Klich-Kozłowska

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