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How to look natural in photos, materials from publishing house

Gorzko, gorzko, materials from publishing house

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„How to Look Natural in Photos”

Editor, curator: Beata Bartecka, Łukasz Rusznica
Release date: 25.02.2021
Publishing house: Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych, Palm* Studios
Number of pages: 304
Binding: hardcover

About the book:

How to Look Natural in Photos is a selection of archive photographs of prisoners and their torturers, taken in totalitarian countries. This bilingual publication asks the question about the place of photography in a world of systemic violence. The editors take a closer look at the relationship between victims and perpetrators, associated with watching and being watched. The photographs form a comprehensive narrative about the exploitation of the individual by the totalitarian system with the help of modern technology. The photograph descriptions were based on original notes and publications by Tomasz Stempowski – historian and senior curator at the Institute of National Remembrance.

About editors:

Beata Bartecka is a Wrocław-based curator of visual arts and design exhibitions, author of publications related to visual culture and art. Łukasz Rusznica is a photographer, curator and educator, whose works were published in numerous places, including the “Szum” magazine. He also runs the Miejsce przy Miejscu gallery in Wrocław’s Nadodrze district.


„Gorzko, gorzko”

Author: Joanna Bator
Release date: 25.11.2020
Publishing house: Znak
Number of pages: 656
Binding: hardcover

About the book:

In her latest novel, inspired by a true story heard at a cemetery in Unisław Śląski, Joanna Bator once again takes her readers to Lower Silesia. Her protagonist – Karina – moves to a village of Sokołowsko near Wałbrzych in order to discover the secrets of her family herstory and learn about her roots. Together with Karina we learn about the fate of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother – all living in pre-war Wałbrzych and its surroundings. The family saga – full of unrequited loves and crimes – draws in with the stories about places in Lower Silesia that are no more.

About the author:

Writer from Wałbrzych, who studied at the University of Wrocław and at the School of Social Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of several novels, the most famous of which, Dark, Almost Night set in her hometown, has recently been adapted for the silver screen. Bator’s books have been repeatedly nominated for the Nike Literary Award, and some of her works were also appreciated abroad (she has won the prestigious Herman Hesse Prize – one of the most important literary awards in Germany).

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