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Wrocław Cultural Guide for winter is now available

The turn of the old and the new year is a moment when time seems to slow down for a while – giving everybody a moment to sum up the past and make plans for the future, an opportunity to take a breath and recharge their batteries; however, for Wrocław’s cultural institutions, the time around Christmas is a period of hard work. A glance at their programmes shows that although their teams are preparing proposals for the next twelve months, they also invite the residents and guests to dozens of events that will take place in December and January – as you can see, our event calendar features more than 170 of them!

How spend winter time in Wrocław?

 There will be no shortage of opportunities to visit a museum or gallery in the days Christmas or New Year’s Eve – and they are going to be extraordinary opportunities, indeed. In the “Guide”, Viola and Piotr Krajewski encourage the visitors to listen to the Polish Soundscapes as part of the preparations for the upcoming WRO Media Art Biennale. Dizajn Gallery offers opportunities to get bored in the most interesting way possible. The City Museum turned into a wild jungle, thanks to the colourful works of Markus von Gosen – a graphic artist born in Breslau. Strolling along the cold streets of Wrocław, it is worth paying a visit to the recently renovated Geppert’s Apartment, which was re-opened not so long ago, where the dialogue between the next generations of Wrocław artists will be inaugurated with a presentation of works by Hanna Krzetuska and Karolina Szymanowska. If the frigid weather does not frighten you, you can go for a longer walk along the path of designs by Adolf Rading, the hero of the WuWAg sails to America in the Museum of Architecture.

The winter edition of the “Guide” also helps you catch up with culture by reminding you about the five cultural venues that appeared on the map of Wrocław this year. If you still can’t decide which of the events entices you the most, have a look at the cultural horoscope for 2019 – it will answer all your questions (even those that you would be afraid to ask).

Have a cultural New Year!

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