Impart is one of the oldest cultural places in Wrocław, recognised and respected by the audience from the city. Thanks to the excellent acoustics in all of its rooms, full stage equipment, professional staff and its unique, retro atmosphere, it is a perfect place for organising events presenting both modern and traditional art.


Mazowiecka 17
50-412 Wrocław

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tel. 71 712 71 00, 71 341 94 32


Below you will find short descriptions of each of the Impart rooms. They will help you decide which space is the most suitable for you and your plans.

Theatre Room offers 567 seats (including 96 seats in the gallery), a stage of around 150 m2, with hand hoists, black curtains, sound system and stage lighting. You can also use 6 dressing rooms and bathroom facilities located next to The Theatre Room.

Concert Hall offers up to 200 seats with a possibility to arrange them however you like, a stage of around 50 m2, hanging system and black curtains. You can also use 2 dressing rooms located next to it.

Gallery with floor area of around 200 m2 is a perfect place for organising displays. It offers exhibition walls with hanging systems, spotlights, and sound system.

2 Rehearsal Rooms with floor area of 100 m2 and 70 m2.

Additionaly, Impart is equipped with YAMAHA C-3 acoustic piano and YAMAHA Grand Touch GT-2 keyboard.

All Impart rooms offer interesting space, with all the seats filled during each show. Impart is a perfect place for organising any kind of events: from big concerts and art exhibitions to more private workshops for a smaller group of people. Our staff is always ready to help you with their organisation.

Paulina Dufrat (paulina.dufrat@strefakultury.pl) will be happy to answer any of your questions. Do not hesitate to send a completed rent form (you can download it below) to the same e-mail address, so we can prepare a personalised offer for you using the information it contains.