International activities

International activities of Culture Zone Wrocław are dedicated to cultural, creative and academic professionals working in the field of contemporary art and culture. It gives inhabitants of European cities the opportunity to participate in artistic residencies, study visits and other projects abroad, enabling them not only to get to know each other, but also to establish new partnerships and co-create. The programme promotes exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge, as well as strengthens relations at the international level. The programme pays equal importance to supporting and promoting activities of local artists outside of Poland, as well as foreign artists and cultural professionals, who choose Wrocław and Lower Silesia as their destination.

The programme participants implement their artistic, cultural and social projects addressing current phenomena and problems faced by contemporary cities, such as public space, coexistence od various city users, environmental protection and nature in the city. Referring to issues like sustainable development equal rights, rapid social changes, exclusion, social responsibility and cultural policy, they promote mediation and facilitate the search for innovative solutions and practices. Through art and culture they seek to redefine and portray the city of the 21st century.

Forum Berlin

– initiated 2018 regular meetings with artists and cultural professionals from Wrocław and Berlin, combined with study visits in both cities. The aim of the Forum is to create a direct possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation of cultural sectors from the participating cities and presenting projects for audiences of the both sides of the boarder.

Wrocław – Kaunas (networking workshops)

– study visit to Kaunas connected with project workshops for ten representatives of artistic scene from Wrocław and Kaunas. Participants had an opportunity to deepen subjects such as common heritage, history of Kaunas, social changes and contemporary position of the city.

Culture of Mobility

– is a mobility support mechanism for artists and cultural professionals from Wrocław and Lower Silesia, enabling them presentation and promotion of their projects abroad.  The mechanism supports mobility connected to residencies, study visits, art reviews, festivals, conferences as well as participation in other cultural events.


artist in Residency programme initiated in 2015 in preparation to European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. In frame of this programme numerous representatives of cultural circles of other European cities can develop their creative ideas, collaborate with local artists and deepen research in Wrocław. Thanks to cooperation with many foreign partners a rich offer of residencies abroad is open for artists and cultural professionals from Wrocław and Lower Silesia.


– a programme consisting in cooperation with cultural managers form Lviv – Wrocław’ sister city. The idea initiated 2017 as an answer to lack space for meetings and exchange of ideas and experience between Polish and Ukrainian cultural managers. The programme connects theoretical and practical aspects of work and offers regular workshops, presentations and expert meetings for a selected group of participants representing young professionals of cultural sector.

Other International activities:

ECoC Family

– European Capitals of Culture Family i san informal network of former, common and future European Capitals of Culture. Network members meet regularly twice a year, inform each other about their action, exchange knowledge and share invitations for collaborations. „ECoC Family” is a space of organisational support, network and partnership building tool. It is worth mentioning that apart from European partners it has a strong collaboration with Japanese partner in frame of EU-Japan Fest.

Tandem Ukraine

– one of the editions of Tandem Programme, co-created by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst e.V. (Berlin) in 2011 for strengthening civil society in Europe and neighbouring regions. Tandem Ukraine is a platform for culture managers to develop new skills, innovate practices and connect to international networks with Ukrainian partners.