AIR Wro is a programme dedicated to representatives of creative and academic circles working in the field of contemporary culture and art. It provides inhabitants of various European cities with the opportunity to participate in residencies, study visits and other projects at home and abroad, enabling them not only to get to know each other, but also to establish new partnerships. The programme promotes exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge, as well as shapes relations at the international level. This way, AIR Wro places equal importance on supporting and promoting the activities of local artists outside Poland, as well as those from abroad, who choose Wrocław and Lower Silesia as their destination.

The programme participants, often drawing upon the traditions of urban and grassroots movements, implement their artistic, cultural and social projects addressing current phenomena and problems faced by contemporary cities, such as public space, environmental protection and ecology. Referring to issues like civic education and cultural policy, they promote mediation and facilitate the search for innovative solutions and practices. In the field of culture and art they seek to redefine and portray the city of the 21st century.

AIR Wro core components:

Competition for NGO – initiative addressed to the representatives of non-governmental organisations and social cooperatives. As part of their activities, the competition participants can invite artists, designers, academics and representatives of broadly defined cultural workers to residencies or study visits.

AIR Wro Talks – annual meeting of the representatives of the European cultural sector. The conference is addressed in particular to experts, theorists and practitioners engaged in projects at the international level, especially with regard to promoting mobility and networking. Each edition focuses on a specific phenomenon or current trend, and the main theme of the conference serves as a starting point for reflection on the future of cultural collaboration.

Culture of Mobility – programme supporting mobility of artists from Wrocław and Lower Silesia, serving the implementation and promotion of their projects abroad. The calls are open to candidates planning to participate in residencies, study visits, art reviews, festivals and conferences, as well as in various other cultural events.

International projects:

AIR Wro collaborates with numerous international institutions and organisations, with particular emphasis on Wrocław's sister cities and other members of the “European Capital of Culture” family, which results in regular calls for residencies and study visits, workshops and meetings, as well as other activities shaping the European community carried out within the project’s framework.