Conducted since 2017, the Culture of Mobility programme is addressed in particular to artists, curators, managers, activists, animators and cultural researchers from Wrocław and Lower Silesia who plan to implement their projects abroad individually or in groups during this year. Submitted projects do not have to consist only a residential or study visit. Persons who plan to take part in art reviews, festivals and conferences organised outside Poland or who intend to start foreign project work (e.g. in the form of concerts, performances, exhibitions or workshops) are also invited.

In contrast to previous calls, applications for this year's Culture of Mobility will be examined for ten months and the results will be announced in five rounds. Proposals sent between 25 January and 15 February will be processed by 25 February at the latest. Proposals submitted after 15 February will be processed by 25 April etc. Thanks to the year-round support, applicants have the chance to carry out their project work abroad without schedule limitations!

The winners of the call for proposals to cover travel and/or accommodation costs will receive financial support of up to PLN 3000 gross. All interested parties can apply - regardless of age, education or experience. A person or a group applying for support may submit a maximum of two applications simultaneously.


Application should consist of the following documents in Polish or English:

  • application form
  • applicant’s CV
  • motivation letter
  • invitation to participate in a given event, project, residence or study visit

Applications may be sent until midnight on 15 October 2020 via e–mail: airwro[at]strefakultury.pl. They can almail address during the recruitment process.



The planned trips should take place between 1 March and 10 December. Applications will be admissible from 25 January to 15 October. Depending on the deadline, applications will be submitted in one of the two-monthly rounds:

Applications from 25 January to 15 February - results to 25 February
Applications from 16 February to 15 April - results to 25 April
Applications from 16 April to 15 June - results 25 June
Applications from 16 June to 15 August - results to 25 August
Applications from 16 August to 15 October - results to 25 October

Culture of Mobility is one of the international activities of the Culture Zone Wrocław. Its task is to support mobility and promote artists from Wrocław and Lower Silesia, and thus build and strengthen international cultural relations.


Paulina Brelińska | paulina.brelinska@strefakultury.pl

Paulina Maloy | paulina.maloy@strefakultury.pl

Katarzyna Zielińska | katarzyna.zielinska@strefakultury.pl