The “City and Culture” conference – Compromise | 18-20.10.2018 

The “City and Culture” Conference will be organised for the second time this fall, and we’d like to introduce the programme of the event to all of you. Broadly defined culture professionals – managers, programmers, coordinators, curators, activists, creators, and publishers – are welcomed to join us in Wrocław. Compromise, the main subject of our meeting enables the possibility of inviting the representatives of the creative, business and corporate sectors to participate in the conference too.

Programme idea of the conference:

For a long time we have been observing changes in the functioning of the cultural sector, and thus also in the way we – producers, managers and promoters of culture and art. Some of these changes facilitate the implementation of our tasks (new technologies, online presence, free networking platforms or universal digitalisation of culture), while others require reaction and introduction of new practices related to cultural management. Compromise is, therefore, becoming an issue that we want to look at from many angles. First of all, it interests us for programme reasons in the context of the budget we have at our disposal, but also in terms of the source and form of financing, the needs of participants in the processes we create, the need to implement a specific curatorial concept, and finally: the language that we use when talking about the offer that we propose. Due to the lack of a clear definition of the autonomy of the cultural institutions or due to the quantitative model of reporting on the implementation of tasks still present in Poland, we also consider the compromise in the socio-political context, observing the relationship between self-governmental or ministerial entities and the cultural operators. Another aspect is cross-sector cooperation – we analyse the increasingly popular assumption that culture should earn money for itself, which is why we examine the relations between business and culture. Finally, we want to analyse the context of ourselves, who, in the rush to create new projects and festivals, write new applications for funding and start new cultural activities, forget about self-development, often neglect ourselves, until we finally burn out. The compromise presupposes balance – so how can we, the creators of the cultural environment, achieve it in every field of our daily work? By organising the “City and Culture” Conference, we wish to gather a group of cultural practitioners and theoreticians who want to share their experiences, exchange effective work tools and inspire each other to implement new models of culture management. Starting this year, our conference becomes a platform for discussion and reflection on changes in self-organisation and programming, as well as changes in the perception of compromise – the word itself,  seems to have a pejorative resonance, and yet a compromise should involve openness, inclusiveness and an approach based on engaging entities of different nature in creating a complementary cultural offer.

Useful information:

Where is the conference held? In Barbara [8b Świdnicka St.] and Recepcja [46a Ruska St.].

Will the translation be available? No, all of the events will be held in Polish.

Schedule (available in Polish only): Miasto-i-Kultura-program-konferencji

Is there a fee for participation in the conference? Yes (lectures + debates = 99 PLN, participation in one workshop = 49 PLN).

How to buy a ticket? Through the website of Culture Zone Wrocław. All of the direct links are available in Polish.

“City and Culture” Conference – presentations + disussions: 99 PLN – TICKETS


“Segmentation in practice, or planning the offer and communication with the use of knowledge about the public” – 18.10, 16:00-19:00 – TICKETS

“Great questions – simple answers? Compromise in practical research on culture” – 18.10, 16:00-19:00 – TICKETS

“How to set up an independent magazine?” – 18.10, 16:00-19:00 – TICKETS

“How to solve conflicts? The role of negotiations and mediation. Is it always about compromise?” – 19.10, 13:30-16:00 – TICKETS

“Practising work – a profession called culture” – 19.10, 13:30-16:00 – TICKETS

“A compromise game” – 19.10, 13:30-16:00 – TICKETS

Do we offer discounts for institutions and NGOs? Yes, 30% of the gross price for institutions and NGOs from Wrocław and Lower Silesia. In order to register with a discount, please connect with us via e-mail: miastoikultura@strefakultuy.pl.

When does the registration start? 10th September, 2 AM.