Wrocław Publication Programme

The Wrocław Publishing Program is addressed to publishers of books and magazines concerning Wrocław and Lower Silesia, created by regional authors. Our overarching goal is to promote valuable literary, scientific and journalistic texts that focus on artistic and substantive values, rather than on commercial potential.

As a result of the Jury's work, each call for proposals results in a selection of books and magazines which are supported financially by the Wrocław Culture Zone in the form of a co-edition. The results of recruitment for the Wrocław Publishing Programme as well as the frequently asked questions are available in the Documents and Results tab.


Applications for the programme are submitted once a year. If the resources allocated to the programme are not fully utilised, a second call recruitment may be carried out.

Another application period – projects for 2018: autumn 2017.


The substantive evaluation of the book includes: the connections of the book’s theme and author Wrocław and Lower Silesia, as well as artistic, cognitive and social values. The project's organisational and financial evaluation takes into account budget assumptions, publisher's experience, their ability to effectively promote and distribute publications, as well as increase their availability (e.g. by making them available in the form of e-books and audiobooks).


The programme is also aimed at supporting magazines with a cultural and artistic profile, presenting various fields of creativity and promoting Wrocław as an important cultural centre in Poland and Europe. We want to promote both well-established press, as well as magazines that have developed in recent years.

The following issues are evaluated: the variety of topics and substantive value of articles, connections with Wrocław and Lower Silesia of the magazine’s authors and themes, opinion-forming character. The magazine's graphic and editorial quality, the level of editorial work, publisher's experience, planned forms of distribution, including electronic distribution, as well as the budget assumptions of the project are also important.