Enrico Floriddia

Immigrated Pieces

Year of birth: 1984 Field: Self-publishing, visual arts City: Wrocław

Enrico Floriddia, French photographer and visual artist, focused on cultural capital and preserving it in collective memory while staying in Wrocław. “Immigrated Pieces” is a story based on the past of several objects and places chosen by the artist carefully. Exploring the origins and the history of certain works of art was a starting point for investigating how they are perceived by the citizens of Wrocław.

Meetings open for public, held at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum, we a kind of milestones on the timeline of Floriddia’s residency: “Prologue” – a starting point for the research-based activities of Enrico, but also an artist talk, during which the artist presented his portfolio and daily practise, “Maps” – workshops based on cartography (literally, but also in regards to our personal trips and voyages), and finally “Poetry of Things” – final presentation including a performance rooted in the manuals he has examined regarding the transport of museum objects, thus referring to the analogy between the migration of things and people. “Poetry of Things” was also a promotional event for the art book created during the residency (available online via PUBLICATIONS tab). Those interactions between the artist and the citizens, whose family stories are often intertwined with the of objects of Floriddia's interest, created a sort of “map of the memory”, which made contemplate about the institutions appointed for archiving and protecting the works of art.