Judith Röder

Liquid City II: Environment

Year of birth: 1978 Field: Visual arts City: Wrocław

How does the urban environment of Wrocław and the nature in Lower Silesia influence our perception and experience? What information about the character of a city and surrounding landscape can we learn from its physiognomy? How is cultural identity reflected in the environment? How visible is time? To what extent the dimensions of the past and the present, movement and cessation intermingle?

Exactly three years after her solo exhibition "Subtleties" in the SIC! BWA Wroclaw Gallery, German artist Judith Röder returns to Wroclaw to continue her sensitive research of the city based on mindfulness and documentation. This time she will broaden her reflection on its "state of concentration" to include the context of the natural environment, and the axis of her interests will be the relation between the natural world and cultural identity.

Her stay will take the form of an open seminar, open to all adults interested in taking part in a sensual study of the city.

During the open meeting, you will have an opportunity to get to know the poetics of the artist's work. As part of the workshop in getting lost in the landscape, you will be able to learn about the artist's working methods and practice drifting and documentation techniques. The work will then be based on individual consultations. The effect of individual research will be presented during a presentation at the BWA Wrocław Studio Gallery on 24-26 August.


Judith Röder is a visual artist, educated in the field of glass design at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz (Hochschule Koblenz). She is currently studying film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln). In her works, she uses natural materials, which she likes to combine with new technologies, but it is always glass that plays a pivotal role there. In her installations, demure panes serve both as a screen for ephemeral projections and a place for capturing traces of phenomena that escape sensual perception. 

Judith Röder's residency is carried out by the Culture Zone Wrocław and Wersja Foundation within the framework of the AIR Wro programme, as a result of a competition for NGO's organised annually. The BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art is the substantive partner of the project.